• just played euro 40 alpha+3 and the game was great. just set up for pac 40 alpha +3 and looking at the new n.o’s it seems america can not hope to match the japanees in IPC’s. My question is has anyone played the pac40 as a stand alone game with the new rules and how did the games turn out. Thanks and I have to apologize for this being on the wrong thead.

  • Alpha 3 is for global and global only it seems to me. Alot of the U.S. no’s in the global game are based in the pacific so that wouldn’t do to well in Europe. Likewise, the Paficic baord for the U.S. is so small in IPC territorial Value that even with all those NO’s it is nearly imposibly to be the industrial Giant they were.

  • how about alpha+3 troop placment with the OB n.o’s would that work.

  • I am not sure. I haven’t played either game by themselves at all as I waited until Europe was out and bought both of them. You could try it though and see how it works out.

  • thanks I guess a little trial and error is in order. Thanks for your time.

  • Alpha 3 is an evolution of what originally started as a setup change to address imbalances in the Pac1940 game.

    The original setup change addressed Pac 40 only, and was called Alpha, and was meant to be used in Pac alone as well as Global.  Imbalances noted in Global began to influence the alpha revisions, going from Alpha, Alpha +, Alpha + 2, etc.  As these changes were made to address global, there was still a desire to use these modifications for the theater specific games, but this was not a playtesting priority (most people has transitioned to Global only as their primary game - alpha began before Europe 1940 was released).  As the theater games became less of a playtesting priority, the national objectives were revised, and this is probably the primary driver of theater imbalances at this point (particularly US objectives in the pacific theater & Russian objectives in Europe theater).

    I would recommend using the Alpha 3 setup and rule changes.  I would recommend using OOB national objectives until official objectives that apply to the theater games are released.  Alternatively, use national objectives from Alpha 3 for all countries but US (use OOB for those) in theater specific games.

    The one hanging option that’s been noted many times for the Europe theater is that the Siberian reinforcements should be abandoned and instead Russia ALWAYS collects 9 additional IPCs each turn that represent the eastern provinces not shown in the Europe theater.

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