Battle of Waterloo (G40 Event) – Nov 9, 2019 – Waterloo/Kitchener Ontario, Canada

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    We’re hosting a G40 event around the time of the upcoming Remembrance Day/Veterans Day and we’re looking to have multiple tables of G40 going.

    Rumor has it that @Young-Grasshopper may be attending, so don’t miss your opportunity to trash talk him in person.

    Short Details:
    Date: Saturday November 9, 2019
    Location: Waterloo/Kitchener Ontario, Canada
    Game Type: Global 1940, Out of Box Rules with Grasshopper’s combined UK Pacific and ANZAC for balance.

    Venue address and further details will be sent to those who sign up. Please PM me if you’re interested or have questions.

    Grasshopper’s video on combining UK Pacific and ANZAC:

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    I’ll be there buddy!

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    @Contango I might be able to attend this, but with all due respect to YG I don’t want to watch a 27 minute YouTube video instead of actually reading a rules document. Is this variant written out somewhere?


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    I don’t think it’s written anywhere but it’s fairly simple so I can explain here.

    • All UK units on the Pacific board will be replaced with grey ANZAC units (or another colour, so long as they are unique from other nations)
    • UK Pacific and ANZAC starting cash is combined, as is future income
    • UK Pacific and ANZAC now operate as one nation and play in the original ANZAC position of the turn order
    • The capital of the new UK Pacific Nation is Calcutta
    • UK Pacific units function independently of UK Europe units, do not attack together, do not move simultaneously and don’t transfer ownership when crossing between maps
    • We will eliminate the Malaya national objective for ANZAC.
    • The “maintenance of the empire” UK objective and “Strategic outer defense perimeter” ANZAC objective will remain available for the combined nation.

    It’s conceptually the same as how Canadian units and income are joined into one nation with UK Europe, so hopefully fairly straight forward.

    So far we have about 12 players confirmed and waiting on confirmation from some others, so hoping to have 3-4 games going.

    Hope you can make it, please let me know as soon as you can confirm if you’ll be there.

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    Battle of Waterloo Fall 2019 – Recap

    • 16 players
    • 3 tables of G40,
    • 8-10 rounds of play per table
    • 2 successful Sea Lions
    • 1 Japanese takeover of Australia followed by US invasion of Tokyo
    • 1 liberation of London
    • 1 fall of Calcutta
    • 0 takeovers of Moscow

    By my estimation everyone had a great time and wanted to know when the next event will be. If you’re interested in joining in any future events leave a reply.

    The whole Crew
    Battle of Waterloo 2019 Crew.jpg

    Von Blucher Table
    Von Blucher Table.jpeg

    Wellington Table
    Wellington Table.jpeg

    Napoleon Table
    Napoleon Table.jpeg

    Birds Eye View
    Birds Eye View.jpg

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    Sweet ! Good Times !

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