Winter Battle of Britain - 27th January 2019 - See Battle Report

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    We have 7 attendees, so able to accommodate 3 additional players. Likely to play 2 games - being any of 1942.2, Anniversary or 1914.

    We always have a laugh - even when the dice are going badly!

    Event is held in Derbyshire, so just about as central to England as you can get.

    Anyone interested in joining us should reply to this thread or PM Private Panic.

    (P.S. The Spring event will be on 24th March)
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    Now confirmed at 8 players so 2 games - unless anyone else wishes to join us!?☺

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    Due to a couple of cancellations we had 6 players and decided to have one game of 1914. Powers were drawn at random, resulting in the following:

    Germany – Mark (Credulous), A-H – Dave and Turkey - Dale
    UK – Tomas (Dukla passer), Italy & France – Mike (Aftertaste) and Russia & US – Adam (Private Panic)

    Two house rules agreed:

    1. Only 4 builds per turn in India
    2. Land units could move 2 if all territories were friendly.

    The Central Powers prioritised the defeat of Russia, yet sending enough units west to pursue aggressive defence, capturing Venice, Holland and Belgium in turn 1.

    Russia consolidated all its units in Ukraine. In turn 2 A-H attacked this stack with an inferior force, presumably with the idea of doing sufficient damage to allow G to destroy the forces R had left. However, R obliterated A-H’s army and then retreated to Moscow with considerable units remaining.

    The CP’s sent ever more units east, denying their western front sufficient forces to withstand Italian and French attacks. The heroes of R’s dogged defence were its air force which consistently shot down G and A-H’s planes to retain aerial superiority.

    By the time the US landed in Greece, G had retreated to Kiel and A-H to Vienna. F and It had much greater incomes than their opponents. Turkey fought on valiantly against the British, despite F landings on their coasts.

    After perhaps 5 turns the CP’s surrendered, still having failed to capture Moscow, despite the loss of so many men and materiel. R proudly survived with one ferocious infantry unit defending the walls of the Kremlin!

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    @Private-Panic Thanks fir the write up, PP. sorry I coukd not attend .

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    Thanks for posting PP. Love reading about other people’s games. Your summary was fantastic.
    Sounds like it was a good match with some good ideas and awesome moments. Well done to the Allies. Good game!

  • Some parts of the game that were overlooked by Private-Panic:

    Germany pursued an aggressive Dreadnought building policy that would have made Alfred Tirpitz proud, on the back of annihilating the Royal Navy around England, persuading France to move her two battleships and one cruiser to the North Sea to contain the German fleet. Throughout the war, the UK was forced to divert funds away from Europe to maintain naval parity, meaning that the middle east was the focus of British offensives, which the Ottomans rather handily kept at arms reach, despite almost every territory in the region changing hands at least twice.

    An aside of the UK spending a fair portion of its funds on the RN meant France had the lions share of the responsibilities against Germany on the continent.

    The Black Sea fleets cancelled each other out, Britain lost two cruisers in a (if we’re being honest with ourselves, Dukla 😉 ) pointless attack on the A-H fleet, and the Russian Baltic battleship bravely did nothing throughout the war.

    On the Dark Continent, Germany did everything in her power to frustrate the Entente, conducting sound strategic moves coupled with exceptional dice rolls. Germany’s position in Africa is utterly hopeless outside of divine intervention, but all things considered, Credulous acquitted himself well.

    A well fought game by all involved that could very easily have ended in a CP victory, but by the games conclusion, it was all Germany could do to keep the French and (rather late) British away from Berlin, and Italy was rampaging through A-H with reckless abandon, taking advantage of their foothold in Albania that was never given proper attention by the CP for the whole war.

    Something I personally took away from this game was that for the CP, mainly A-H and G, building a warship now and again - whilst unconventional - might be a good strategy to force the Entente to spend more than you did to keep you contained, ultimately costing them more. Maintaining two fleets in being might be an idea for players in the future.

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    @aftertaste Thanks Aftertaste. PP can sometimes forget things. (It is his age.)
    Hope to see you in March.

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    @aftertaste Thanks for those additions Mike. Much appreciated.👍

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