• So, we are playing our first game of 1940 and 2 rules issues came up.

    #1 If you declare a combat and move in your units on the combat move phase, conduct the combat and the attacker wins.

    Does the attacker have to move all his land units that he declared, in the combat move phase, to enter the defeated territory?


    Can he elect not to move his units into the territory and let the defender keep the territory, albeit it is now void of units? Or can he just move 1 INF into the space and leave all the other units in the attacking territories and not move in?

    (during the game we decided that the attacker had to move all the attacking land units into the territory because they declared they had moved into the territory) This was a issue because the attacker just wanted to beat down the defender and not take the territory because of the counter attack from another territory.

    #2 Germany on T2 goes in on Sea Lion. They commit all their air units into London for the invasion. Germany has 5 TRS a Battleship and a Cruiser. UK scrambles its two FTRS and engage the invasion. Germany gets diced hard and loses its Battleship and Cruiser.

    During the game we decided that since the attacker had lost all its combat ships that the TRS fell under the defenseless TRS rule and all the German TRS were lost and all the cargo went to the bottom of the Channel.

    Looking up the rules the next day it seems that the TRS could of at the start of Turn 3 Combat Round, the surface German ships were sunk at the end of Round 2 of the combat phase,  retreated one sea zone and then in the non combat phase move all the land units into Belgium or W. Germany. Is this the way that combat should of gone? The TRS could of retreated and called off the invasion?

    Side Note: Even though the naval invasion was a dicing of the highest order. The German Air Force that committed to the attack on London totally diced the defenders and out of 7 rolls hit on 6 of them and only took one hit in return and smashed the UK defense in a big way. Needless to say the Air Force retreated on the second round of combat to safety.

    In our group when rules discussion come up in less a player can find the rule in reasonable time frame we just move on with the groups ruling and then go back after the game and put on our rules lawyer hat and hash it out. We have found that intense rules discussions during game session are a serious drag and just bog down the entire game.


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    Afternoon Painstake.
    1. The battle is fought in the defender’s territory, so all surviving, attacking units remain there.
    If the attacker just wanted to damage the defending units, he would have had to retreat, while at least one defender unit survived. If all defenders are eliminated, he cannot choose to  retreat.
    2. Defenceless Transports only count in defence, as only the aattacker can retreat from combat.  Any attacking Transport that survives the last Round of naval battle can retreat with its cargo on the next Round of combat. Attacker chooses to call off the attack.

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    Please note: the Transports could not unload in Non Combat. The units are still on board. Only Air units move in both and that is to land them after surviving Combat.

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    Yes, the transports could have retreated one sea zone space and go back to SZ 112. Units remain loaded in the sea. At this point, you’d have to hope that you built more ships and or 3 fighters and or tac. bombers would be on the airbase at w. Germany and enough to save your troops.

    Note, if during the sea battle, your ships could soak up 3 hits (2 for battleships + 1 for cruiser), and the defender rolled 5 hits. Then 2 hits would have had to apply to transports which would bring their cargo to the bottom of the channel. The rest of the transports could then retreat.

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