• We played a 1v1 game yesterday with the Alpha 2 setup yesterday.  Initial thoughts are the following…

    1 - Setup seems quite balanced to start out.
    2 - New rules are great.

    My only complaint, and maybe it’s a just a gripe, is that I don’t like the turn order.  After Japan goes, it takes FOREVER for the Axis to do anything.  It’s almost as though the Allies can get on a roll with US, China, UK, ANZAC in row.  Italy goes then France (though they just send up the white flag half the time.  LOL).

    Anybody else get a game in this weekend?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10


    I’m not sure if I like the new turn order either.  My brother was my ally, but he’s never played Global, so although he helped control some of the boards powers (Calcutta, China, Anzac), he had alot of questsions on his turns, which in turn distracted me from my turns - which was frustrating - because it was all happening at the same time to save game minutes.

    It’s really quite a drab having to do…


    … all in a row.  I think you have to make the game a minimum 5 player game now - or don’t play.  There’s just too much going on, if you want to be done in under 10 hours.

    Balance was good though, game is hella fun.

  • TripleA

    I dont’ really mind it, I actually kinda like it.  It seems to put Axis more together if I think about it long term, especially the first 4 rounds where Russia isn’t attackign (assuming you don’t declare war as Axis)

    After round 1 France is dead so Italy, Germany, quick Russia, Japan.  Then all the Allies, and repeat.

    Doesnt’ seem that bad at all.

  • Japan seems more capable of wiping out China with more land units. I started playing Alpha +.2 last night and my roommate has almost cleared out China.

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