• TripleA

    We started a new Global game today and have finished the first 3 rounds.  It’s my first go as Axis and am pretty happy so far with how things are turning out.

    As it stands, Germany started for a Sea Lion which wasn’t going to work so focus was switched to Russia who is not looking great.  They are defended into to zones right now, and Germany is coming strong.  War was declared on G2 after Sea Lion was for sure not gonna happen.

    Japan attacked a UK territory (I forgot this would activate US) on J2, however India is near falling, 2 more rounds max.  Only 5 Inf, 2 Tank, and a Fighter left for UK Pacific.  Coming ashore in India with a fleet, and some troops should take it next J turn.

    Italy is where I didn’t know what to really do.  Right now they are holding Normandy with Germany for the UK/US push back which is building.  They are into Africa and slowly taking all of it, and coming up from southern Russia slowly taking USSR territories.

    Allies are pretty even I would assess right now.  US is coming hard for Japan with a moderate defending fleet waiting.  Need to get India out of the way before I am forced to spend IPC’s on defense there.  UK Europe is stuck on their Island.  USSR is down to Inf and some tanks only.  China is gone and ANZAC hasn’t left their island yet.

    Hopefully finish in 3 or 4 more rounds tomorrow.

  • How did you manage to knock out China and virtually crush India in only 3 turns?  Was the allied player making some bad moves? Because usually you have to focus on one or the other to accomplish such a feat.

  • TripleA

    Got pretty lucky on dice for China.  They are down to 5 Inf co-defending with 3 UK Inf and 2 UK Tanks on the last hold before an easy march to India.  Plan is to hit India on an amphip assault next turn.  Should be possible if the dice go my way.

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