Japanese First Strike Attack

  • In remember of the attack on Pearl Harbour (7. December 1941) 70 years ago!

    I think, Larry Harris don‘t develop the game without the possibility for an Japanese attack in round one. So here is my Japanese plan (in coordination with the Axis in Europe), Version Alpha+3:

    1. Concept:
    First hard push against british and US-Navy in the Pacific, combined with an India crush at round three. Dont attack Russia, still go through China. Get the Dutch East Indies till latest round four. Let the US-Navy come: you will be strong enough after falling India!

    2. Buy:
    J1: 3 Transports, 1 Art, save 1

    3. Attack Move:
    3 Inf, 1 Art Kwangsi -> Yunnan
    1 Ftr, 1 Tac Kiangsu -> Yunnan
    1 Trn Sz20 (with 1 Inf from Kiangsi) -> Sz43 upload in Borneo
    2 Inf Kiangsi -> Kwangtung
    1 Art Kiangsi -> Hunan
    3 Inf, 1 Art Kiangsu -> Anhwe
    3 Inf, 1 Art Shantung -> Anhwe
    2 Inf, 1 Art Jehol -> Chahar
    1 Mech Manchuria -> Chahar
    2 Bomber Japan -> Sz37
    1 Cruiser Sz20 -> Sz37
    1 Trn (with 1 Inf from Okinawa, 1 Inf from Manchuria) Sz19 -> Sz35 upload in Phillippines
    1 Trn (with 1 Inf, 1 Art from Japan) Sz6 -> Sz35 upload in Philippines
    1 DD, 1 AC Sz33 -> Sz35
    1 Ftr, 1 Tac Sz33 -> Phillipines
    1 BB, 1 CR, 1 Sub, 1 DD Sz6 -> Sz35
    2 Ftr, 2 Tac Sz6 -> Sz35
    2 Ftr, 2 Tac Manchuria -> Kwangtung
    2 Inf Siam -> French Indo China
    1 Ftr Formosa -> Kwangtung
    1 Ftr Okinawa -> Kwangtung

    4. Non Combat Move:
    1 Sub, 1 BB, 1 DD Sz19 -> Sz36
    1 DD Sz6 -> Sz16
    2 AC Sz6 -> Sz36
    2 Ftr, 2 Tac Sz35 -> Sz36
    4 Ftr, 2 Tac Kwangtung -> Kwangsi
    2 Tac Japan -> Kwangsi (2 Ftr stay in Japan for scramble against an US Ftr attack on Sz6)
    1 Ftr, 1 Tac Philippines -> Sz35
    2 Bomber Sz37 -> Kwangsi
    1 Ftr Korea -> Japan (for support of the other 2 Ftr for scrambling)
    1 Ftr, 1 Tac Yunan -> Kwangsi
    5 Inf, 1 Art Manchuria -> Jehol
    4 Inf Korea -> Manchuria

    5. Income: 26 + 4 (China) + 7 (Borneo+Kwangtung) + 2 (Philippines) + 2 (French Indo China) = 41 IPC

    6. Result:
    British lost 2 Inf and 1 BB, the US lost 2 Inf, 1 Ftr, 1 Sub, 1 DD. USA didn‘t get the NO for Philippines (at all: 50+20NO+2 for Brazil = 72 IPC). India didn‘t get the NO (10, perhaps 14 IPC, if they capture Sumatra), but Anzac minimum 1 NO, perhaps 2 NO (at all: 15 or 20 IPC).

    7. Outlook:
    J2: Occupy Sumatra and Java, hold your fleet in Sz41 and Sz42. Attack with your AC and Ftr / Tac any british and french ships in your distance, so that they cant block Sz37. Build a naval base and an airbase in Kwangsi. Attack India IC with 2 Bombers. Attack Yunnan hard and clear any Chinese troops with your large airforce in Szechwan.
    J3: Take India, go deep in China, perhaps celebes if you can.

    8. German / Italian:
    Germany: The plan is definitely Operation Barbarossa at G3, but: G1 buy 2 Bomber, 2 Inf. Clear the English Homefleet and France, Yoguslawia too, took Finland and Bulgaria in NCM, 1 Ftr to South Italy. Do you think the US Navy can still arrive at Sz91 in US1, in US2? G2 prepare for Barbarossa 70 IPC spend for ground troops, bomb London with 4 Bombers (with escorts). Perhaps send Ftrs / Tacs to Africa in reach to Sz91 (Italy must occupy land in I1).
    Italy: Build ground troops (Mech, Armor) and give your best in the Mediterranean Sea.

    @All: Please discuss a Japanese first strike attack!

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    No offense, but I’m going to Skippi any J1 attack strategies.

  • If the game is 1940 and Japan didn’t attack until the end of 1941, wouldn’t that indicate a surprise attack on turn 3 or something?

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10


    As for the legitimacy of the strategy - per the request of Skippi, I’ll respond…

    Skippi, good for you for posting this.  You HAVE made a strategy,  and against someone of equal skill level, who knows it could work.


    • You have a plan, if you stick to any plan - especially one where you plan to succeed there is a chance you’ll have success at the end of it.  GOOD JOB.


    • This plan is VAGUE, you have outlined some J1 attacks - big deal, you have outlined NO provisions to deal with ANYTHING your opponent has done.  Very Bad.

    • Too Many Bombers,

    • No Sea Lion Fake, Sea-Lion Fear and possibility is the core component of the majority of successful axis strategies in Global…  Italy is going to get smashed early,  without drawing out British support from India.

    • Counting on too many objectives too fast…  taking india J3 under this platform is tight, and there are about 500 ways to prevent that from happening.  Baloon Pop

    • There are more but I’m out of time.


    The only forseeable goal of this entire strategy that is achievable, is to attack on J1.  If you want to show off like you are some kind of bad-ass, and your opponents are weak, this might pay off.  And you will have achieved your ONLY set out goal.

    This is a house of cards… it’s going to fall apart, and quickly.  Bringing Europe down with it.  Try Again.

  • I prefer to wait until J4 to attack USA.
    I put a Naval Base in Formosa so that I can force India-UK to reconsider supporting Africa with fighters.
    Naval Base allows me to travel to Caroline Islands at the end of J3 for potential attacks on Anzac or Hawaii.  It also forces India-UK to play a blocker between India and SZ36 or face transports loaded with infantry confronting Calcutta on J3/J4.  I WANT this to happen because I’m moving J3 to Caroline Islands with my fleet and any purchases at defending Calcutta are another turn India-UK isn’t trying to take Yunnan.

    I don’t let US enter the war until the absolute last second as I need the IPC bonus for Japan collecting those 30 IPC over the 3 rounds.

    I crush Hawaii on J4 with the full contingent of my fleet and doing my best to take Hawaii.  J4 I usually buy as many destroyers as I can get because the typical US move if they lost Hawaii is to buy as many subs as possible and chase my fleet out of there.  Being able to reinforce them with 4+ destroyers makes it daunting to try to retake with a sub purchase on US4.

    I go straight after China and ignore Russia(Russia’s first move should really be to attack Japan and stop the push in China.  Their loss is only 12 IPC of units that really don’t do much unless Japan has already taken the Burma Road and held it.).  I don’t stop attacking and am willing to lose fighters to take Burma on J4.  J5 is too long to try to take Burma, but you’re playing the delay tactic of keeping UK out of Yunnan as long as possible.

    If USA isn’t focused on a full Pacific purchase on US3 from a potential assault on Eastern US, I keep the pressure on from Japan on J4 and move after Western US.  Losses aside, the USA has to choose which side to defend and one side’s doing to lose.  With DC in the East and getting the heavier defense, it makes sense for Japan to all out attack the West after taking Hawaii.  If US goes full Pacific, I sit tight in Hawaii for 2-3 turns, trying to reinforce Hawaii with transports and infantry.  Holding Hawaii and forcing US purchases aimed at re-taking Hawaii buy even more time for Germany to handle the UK/Russia in Europe.  Each turn the US isn’t threatening a European invasion is another turn the Axis are winning.  Especially if G4 doesn’t actually attack Eastern US and continues with Sealion from SZ91 a turn later and with an Italian softening of UK forces in SZ109.

  • How is your IPC income during this strategy Spendo?

    Do you have another partial fleet running round the money islands?

    Are you building factories on the mainland?

  • I like your strategy and I think it is very good. What you pointed out about the U.S. is my biggest pet peve in the game, especially with the V.C. But about my Japan strategy. Pretty straight foward…

    Buy 3 trns J1
    Attack all i can in china, moving forces in manchuria south and splitting korean inf between manchuria and korea. Group main fleet around Home islands, and smaller fleet of 1 CA, 2 DD, 1SB, and 1AC with fighter and tac off of caroline islands. Load up trns on turn 2 and move south in position to take D.E.I., Burma, or Philipeens turn 3. That smaller fleet off the Caroline islands deals with the ANZAC fleet and used as blockers to stop U.S. for invading home islands until my main fleet can regroup there.

  • Skippi,

    Your blue print is one of the best I’ve seen, exellent detail and well constructed. Great job.

  • @Jeff28:

    How is your IPC income during this strategy Spendo?

    Do you have another partial fleet running round the money islands?

    Are you building factories on the mainland?

    Note this is NOT a J1 attack, but a J4 attack

    J1 (26 IPC starting)
    Buy Naval Base (15) - Placed on Hainan and not Formosa (like I think I said earlier)
    Buy 1 Artillery (4)
    Buy 1 Trn (7)
    IPC Remaining (0)

    Load Trn in SZ19 with 1 Inf, 1 Art from Manchuria. Drop off at Kwangsi
    Load Trn in SZ6 with 1 Inf, 1 Art from Japan.  Drop off at Kwangsi
    Move Trn in SZ20 to SZ6
    Move entire fleet into SZ36
    Move Manchuria Units into Jehol (5 Inf, 1 Mech)
    Move 4 Inf from Korea into Manchuria
    Leave Caroline Islands Fleet alone

    Take Chahar (1) Anhwe (1) Hunan (1) Yunnan (1) = +4 IPC
    Stay Neutral = +10 IPC
    J1 Collect (26 + 10 + 4) + IPC Remaining (0) = 40 IPC

    J2 (40 IPC to Spend)
    Buy 3 Inf (9)
    Buy 2 Art (8)
    Buy 2 Trn (14)
    IPC Remaining (9)

    Load 1 Trn in SZ6 with 1 Inf, 1 Tank from Japan.  Drop off at Kwangsi
    Load 1 Trn in SZ6 with 1 Inf, 1 Art from Japan.  Drop off at Kwangsi
    Move 1 Trn from SZ36 to SZ6.  Pick up the Inf in Okinawa
    Move 1 Trn from SZ36 to SZ19.  Pick up 2 Inf from Manchuria
    Move 5 Inf from Jehol to Anhwe
    Move 2 Inf from Manchuria into Jehol
    (Moved the Mech Inf from Jehol to Suiyuyan’s attack)
    Keep both fleets in position

    If I did my math right, after unit placement Japan is holding 3 purchased Inf, 3 purchased Art.  Its +1 from the pickup at Okinawa and has moved 3 of its original Inf to have 3 of its original remaining.  Thats a total of 4 Inf + 3 Purchased + 3 Art.  It has 2 Trn just purchased and placed, plus 1 that moved in from SZ36 for a total of 3 Trn in SZ6 ending J2.

    Take Suiyuyan (1) Hopei (1) Kweichow (1) = +3 IPC
    Retake Yunnan (0) Because already counted from J1
    Neutral NO = +10 IPC
    IPC not lost from J1 = +4 IPC
    J2 Collect (26 + 10 + 4 + 3) IPC + Remaining IPC (9) = 52 IPC

    J3 (52 IPC to Spend)
    Buy 1 AC (16)
    Buy 1 TacB (11)
    Buy 1 Ftr (10)
    Buy 2 Subs (12)
    Buy 1 Inf
    Remaining IPC (0)

    Move 1 Trn from SZ19 to SZ20.  Drop off 2 Inf at Kiangsi
    Move 1 Trn from SZ36 to SZ6
    Move 1 Trn from SZ6 to SZ19, pick up 2 Inf.  Drop off at Kiangsi
    Move 5 Inf from Anhwe to Kweichow
    Move 1 Inf from Shensi to Tsinghai
    Move entire Fleet in SZ36 to SZ33
    Fly 2 StratB from Mainland to Caroline Islands

    Take Kansu (1) Shensi (1) = +2 IPC (need one more turn for units to get down from Manchuria/Korea into Kweichow to take Szechwan and China’s Fighter.
    Retake Yunnan (0) But may not have to depending on how China fares on its J2 attack
    Neutral NO = +10 PIC
    IPC not lost from J1 = +4 IPC
    IPC not lost from J2 = +3 IPC
    J3 Collect (26 + 10 + 4 + 3 + 2) + Remaining IPC (1) = 46 IPC

    J4 (46 IPC to spend)
    Buy 4 Destroyers (32)
    Buy 2 Inf (6)
    Buy 2 Art (8)
    Remaining IPC (0)

    Take FIC (2) Kwangtung (3) Sikang (1) Szechwan (1) = +7 IPC
    IPC not lost from J1-J3 = +9 IPC
    NO: Hold Honolulu = +5 IPC
    J4 Collect (26 + 9 + 7 + 5) + Remaining IPC (0) = 47 IPC

    Move 2 Trn from SZ20 to SZ6
    Move all remaining units towards Yuunan.  The English are coming!

    Send the entire kitchen sink from Caroline / Japan against Hawaii.

    Just for clarity, Japan brings against Hawaii:
    4 Subs
    4 Destroyers
    2 Cruisers
    2 Battleships
    4 Fighters
    4 TacB’s
    2 StratB’s

    USA fields:
    1 Sub
    2 Destroyers
    2 Cruisers
    1(3) Battleship
    1(3) AC
    1(2) Fighter (AC)
    1 TacB (AC)
    2(3) Fighters (Scramble from Hawaii)

    Add in 2 Battleships (U1/U2), 2 AC(U1/U2), 1 Fighter from W.USA, 1 Fighter flown in from the Philippines.  USA2 could also opt to purchase a fighter instead of a second AC (likely) with their remaining 16 IPC.  Placement of that Fighter is essential as is the decision where that fighter in Eastern US ends up.  Both those fighters show up in Hawaii, you’re in for a fight to the death in Hawaii.

    USA3 Purchases will never make it to Hawaii in time, but can counter so take note of that.  If USA has more than 6 fighters on/around Hawaii, this attack is a 50-50 shot.  With 6 or less, your looking at 85% odds of winning.  USA starts with 3 fighters already there.  Western US is the 4th, the Philippines is the 5th, USA2 Purchase is the 6th.  However, if Italy/Germany stage at SZ91 and put the threat on Eastern US at the end of G3 - USA cannot ignore it and you’ll ensure fighters/ships are finding their way headed to Eastern USA and not the Pacific on a USA3 purchase / non-combat moves.

    Amphibious Assault constitutes 4 Trn loaded with 5 Inf and 3 Art from SZ6.  Unless the US is buying transports and/or moving units from Eastern US into Western to ferry across the most ground units on Hawaii are 4 Inf, 1 Mech, 1 Art.  You have a 83% chance of winning this battle, losing probably 4 Inf.


    You leave yourself bare in the pacific for Anzac to have fun with your islands.  
    You never touched India-UK’s fleet.
    You WILL lose ships in the Hawaii attack.  Chances are you walk away with 2 damaged Battleships, maybe 2 fighters and you moved in 4 AC.  I had one very good roll where I survived with 3 fighters and 1 TacB plus the aforementioned ships but I absolutely killed USA on the second round of rolls.

    You have 4 Destroyers, 2 Trn in SZ6 off Japan ending J4.  Just enough to go straight after the Philippines if you so choose.  Those 4 Destroyers can also move their way straight to Hawaii to protect against a US sub purchase after J4 to protect whatever ships survived the Hawaii assault.  They also bring with them 2 Inf, 2 Art on Transports to reinforce Hawaii (or stage for a move into Western US on J6).

    All the money islands are free for the Allies to take.
    You’re going to lose a TON of IPC value off the board by trying to take Burma with a limited ground force and no reinforcements in sight.
    The British ARE coming.

    Projecting beyond this point is hazardous for my health, so I will just leave suggestions:

    I think the best strategy at this point is retreating to Caroline.  Leave any surviving fighters/infantry you have there to force the US to fully commit to taking Hawaii back.  Move all Trn to Japan.  It gives you the ability to project against Anzac, or to take out whatever India-UK tries to move up the coast.  You’ll be in range of purchased fighters from Japan this way as well so you can quickly land 2 fighters, 2 TacB on your AC in any zone that the Allies go after (SZ36, SZ33, or back into Hawaii at SZ26).  With 4 Destroyers, 2 TP loaded with 2 Inf, 2 Art, and 2 repaired Battleships you’ll be able to roll 6 die for 4’s against any of the tiny fleets that are kicking up dirt in the Pacific as well as to start taking the IPC islands.  Just realize that China is a lost cause and you are just playing turtle between Burma and Yunnan.  I’d probably project myself against the Philippines as soon as possible to deny the US another 5 IPC and then start ferrying more units down into south east Asia from Japan.  Something along the lines of 2 inf, 2 Art (14), 1 Fighter/1 TacB (21) for the next few turns.

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