• I own the Revised version and to be honest was none the wiser as to the other versions that were produced since its release (obviously not a hardcore gamer here.)  Recently my nephew was given 1942 2nd edition and I was helping him learn how to play and was surprised to see how much had changed with the units, rules, etc.  The question I have is this: what impact would there be (if any) if I incorporated many of 2nd edition rules with the Revised setup and map?

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    I’m not expert by any means but my 2 cents would be…

    Cost structure might be an issue.  In 42.2 I think cost increases to compensate for the fact that the map is larger, and the mobility becomes even more important than before.  You might need to play with the tank = 6 vs 5 and see whether it makes more sense to keep the original price.  The same to AC as well.

    Map might also be an issue.  In 42.2 the map is bigger and the cost of specific land is less.  In Revision, let say using default 42.2. setup, Japan would have much larger incentive to build a factory in China using revision map due to larger production value.  Not necessarily a bad thing…but will be interesting to see how this impacts the game.

    In 42.2 Germany seems to start a lot stronger, and in revise edition due to smaller map, weaker Germany setup (?) it will be interesting to see how things go…

    Post after you have some games tried out  😄  Have fun

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    I’d be inclined to just buy 1942.2 or use Triple A.

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    I’d be inclined to just buy 1942.2 or use Triple A.

    I’d agree with Simon33… just go ahead and upgrade to 1942.2… the pain you save yourself from having to stare one more hour at the A&A Revision gameboard would be worth the upgrade alone.

  • I don’t mind the Revised board as much as most seem to, but no question that 1942.2 is a big upgrade in that department.

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    The cost structure and transport rules from 42.2 are the same as the global game, so if you ever want to transition to the global, 42.2 would be a closer match, though there are many more diplomatic rules, the carrier unit is very different in global (16 cost attack 0 defend 2 2 hits)    We found it for $42.

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