• I have played like ten games by now with a friend that is rather experienced and good at this game. This question came up during gameplay:

    Can you announce you will blitz through an area, provided you win a battle in aforemention area, thus making it clear of enemy units?

    Example: As Germany I have 5 infantry and 2 tanks in Eastern Europe. The Soviets have 1 infantry in Ukraine and 1 infantry in Caucasus.

    Can I thus announce I’ll attack into Ukraine with my 5 infantry, and provided I win, my 2 tanks will blitz through the now empty land in Ukraine, and attack into Caucasus?

    My friend said no to this prospect. But I think yes. It would be within the framework of the rules, and the intended mechanics of blitzing. A breakthrough means you can unleash your tanks. If you lose the first battle, your tanks can’t move that round.

    What is your judgement on this matter?

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    Your friend is correct.

    Blitzing is defined as “A tank can “blitz” by moving through an unoccupied hostile territory as the first part of a move that can end in a friendly or hostile territory.”
    Nothing else. It takes place during Combat Movement Phase.

    What you describe is totally unrelated to blitzing. You move into an occupied territory and conduct combat there. There is no additional combat movement once the conduct combat phase has begun.

  • @panther That settles the matter. I told my friend when we had our game that he was right all along. Believe it or not, but I’ve lost every game against him. In any case, thank you for your input. All the best!

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    What you can do is eliminate the units, then noncom into newly captured territory.

    This isn’t a blitz.

    By holding mechs and tanks back during combat movement, you could potentially noncom them into zones (newly captured or not) they could not have reached during combat. you often need all your firepower so this isnt all that common but it is helpful

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