How to make playing Russia fun?

  • We have a game schedule later this month and it is hard to get the other guys excited to play as Russia.  What are some ideas to change it up to make it where Russia has more options?  Bids? Unit placement? National Advantages?

    Just looking for ideas without make the game unbalanced or unfair. I would like this Russia specific.


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    One thing that the 1942 Second Edition succeeds at big time where other A&A maps fail is that Russia starts with plenty of artillery, tanks, and even a pair of fighters. You can afford to build a third fighter every game if you want, so you’re not going to be stuck endlessly defending and retreating; you can and should and must make repeated counter-attacks if you want to play Russia well on this map. If people dislike playing Russia because they think you’re supposed to just lie back and accept casualties, then have them read Black_Elk’s strategy guide, or show them how it’s done properly, and they might change their minds.

    That said, I’ve always been annoyed at the way Russia has no navy. Right now Russia’s only naval unit is a sub in the White Sea. Instead of that sub, I’d be tempted to give Russia a transport, a destroyer, and a cruiser in the White Sea – that fleet could eventually be used to ferry troops from Archangel to Norway, or if the Allies gain control of the Baltic Sea, the Russian fleet could circle around to the south, wind up in the Baltic Sea, and do crazy stuff like ferry troops from Karelia to Northwest Europe. I’d also give Russia a pair of subs off the northern coast of the Soviet Far East, so that Japan has to watch where it leaves its transports.

    These naval “bids” are obviously far from optimal – if someone gave you extra cash, you wouldn’t choose to spend it on a Russian navy – but for me, that’s part of what makes the variant fun!

  • I agree that Russia starts with a great attack setup compared to other versions.  I think the purchasing is what typically discourages people from wanting to play because of the importance of infantry. I try to buy a tank or two in the early rounds, but I have never bought a ship.

    I will check out the strategy guide. I am always looking for material to read. I read Don’s essays on dead zones, and it enhanced my play for Russia big time.

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    I agree that in this version Russia is the least fun to play! Yes you have a few tanks, artilery and fighters, but your economy is too small to keep your defence up for a long time. Plus by the layout of the territories, it is more difficult to defend. Plus it is harder for the allies to start to pressure Germany on time. Without a significant bid Russia is doomed to capitulate quickly!

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    Russia is almost never fun to play in the Axis and Allies series.

    Historically Russia was a lot stronger. By 1942 Germany was spent on the East front and was having to strip other areas of troops just to mount an offensive. Russia meanwhile was cranking out T-34s and Sturmoviks like nobody’s business.

    But it wouldn’t be much of a game if the Axis had no chance to win, so Russia was made a weakling. (probably since this game was invented and is purchased by people belonging to the Western powers) Russia gets the short end of the stick.

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    Adding a bomber or fighter IMHO would be a great thing to add variety to Russia strategy and increasing its attack power in a long term.

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