2 Turn Rounds for faster play?

  • 2 Turn Rounds:
    I am wondering if anyone has tried something like this.
    Last game we had took 4 hours, so i am trying to let some slower players do stuff at the same time.

    In any game with 5 powers,
    (turn order USSR, GER, UK, Japan, USA)
    it is possible for a round to be finished in 2 turns instead of 5 by letting each team move together.

    Start the game as normal, for the first few rounds, when the UK player is ready, change the turn order so the UK goes after Japan.
    (if your group thinks the UK needs some compensation feel free to give them 5 IPCs or if the UK has a 2nd factory place 1 infantry there before changing turn order)

    Before the Japanese goes. (or whatever player gets to skip) the skipped player (UK) should get to do a non combat move for every unit closer to Japanese (territory or units) than to any axis powers. (Germany)

    After the swap, The Allies can do most of their turns at the same time and so can the Axis.
    Different powers still may not attack together.
    If their are turns where one attack depends on a previous attack let the different powers do combat moves & resolve combat separately (but in order!)

    You can have different combat rounds for the allied powers.

    COMBAT 1: (move and resolve) USA > Japan | UK > Ger
    COMBAT 2: (move and resolve) RUS > Japan | USA > Ger
    COMBAT 3: (move and resolve) UK > Japan | RUS > Ger

    COMBAT 1: (move and resolve) Japan > UK | GER > USA & USSR
    COMBAT 2: (move and resolve) GER > UK | Japan > USA & USSR

    Although if friendly powers are not fighting in the same territories you can ignore the separate combat steps and just make all your moves. (often applicable for the Axis)

    Combat move and resolve are the only steps that get messy.
    All the other turn phases can be done simultaneously, and this speeds up the game.

    This also solves the problem of the USA not getting to collect from territories in China that go back and forth being fought over by Russia and Japan. A small thing that has bugged me an unreasonable amount! 😉

  • @grinchveld

    the ‘Suggested Topics’ does look like others have come up with similar ideas.

    like this from 2015

    I have not played the versions with more than 5 powers, but I do think the basic idea can work to reduce the number of turns in a round. by changing the turn order.

    Implement after the 1st round or 2, to keep positioning balanced.
    Depending on the balance, some small advantage for the power who gets skipped.

    Then powers on the same side who have consecutive turns may all go together as long as you break the combat moves along the original order (from the perspective of the attacked)

    Breaking the combat into multiple rounds does seem to be the organizationally new thing.
    (or at least I haven’t found someone say it that way on this site yet)

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