Sub surprise attack question

  • So I understand the submerge and all abilities of subs which get cancelled if there is a destroyer but how does combat work against no destroyer fleet? If my sub attacks a lone aircraft carrier with fighters I can attack it but can I resubmerge after doing my rolls, effectively not giving the carrier a chance to retaliate?
    I am basically asking if subs can submerge after doing their attack roll vs a fleet without destroyers, which would make sense because it adds to their threat.

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    Hi Grumphry.
    No. If a Sub’s target survives, it can always retaliate.
    Submerging is instead of attacking or defending. A Sub cannot attack and submerge in he same round.
    It is always worth attacking a lone Carrier with Fighters on board, if the Fighters do not have a safe place to land, as they will go down with the Carrier. The lesson is: always keep a Destroyer with your fleet, if the enemy has a Sub in range.

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