Simple Question: Is it fun?

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    I had never intended to buy this one because it looked like it was for retards and 6 year-olds but I was playing a 1v1 game of the new '42 Second Edition with my girlfriend and around round 3 Japan I asked her how she lied it.

    She says:
    “It’s fun, but I feel like my head is going to explode.”

    We all love that feeling, but she didn’t. So, I figured maybe we would try and play 1941 as its just a little lower in level than Original which is what got me hooked.

    My main question is: Is it even fun?

    It seems so simple to me that It would barely even be fun for an experienced player. Can you still have a good time as an experienced player in this one? Or is it just maddening to think: “Fuck if only I had enough cash to put an airbase in Indochina I would be able to strat-bomb his airbase this turn with my tacs, land at the new airbase and hit him with 4 bombards and 12 aircraft…  wait what? I only have 10 IPCs to spend? …oh… 3 inf save 1?”

    So is it worth while to play with new people? or just lame?

    …and for the record: No my girlfriend is not 6 years old OR a retard. Thanks!

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    Hi Cannuck, my wife, who is 6 and a retard, asked to play for a 3rd time last week. I said no, because I want more complexity. We started Europe 1940 and stopped 2 days later as she was losing and we could not see a way back for her and she had things to do.  Maybe I should have played 1941 again, as you know you will get a winner within 4 hours and we would have packed it away sooner.
    Next time I will suggest 1941. Have not as yet got a group in on it, because our 3 year old does not go to bed early enough.

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    Good to know, thanks wittmann.

    I will start her again on a 1941 diet and try to work up to 1942. I wont mention 1940 edition (global). Because if she asked to play that with me I would have to marry her.

  • @wittmann:

    Hi Cannuck, my wife, who is 6 and a retard,

    LOL awesome.

  • I would stick with 1941 for your purposes

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    My wife and I played 2 turns with Krieg’s suggested changes. I told her to try attacking West Russia and the Ukraine. West Russia worked, but not Ukraine. However,  I lost most of my German naval and air units on my G1 and the Axis now have no chance, so she has asked we play again. She will not do the Ukraine attack. Hope to play later. She loves 1941 as it is so quick and it means the game gets tidied away, not left out.

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    I think it’s a fun game, especially if you want something relatively quick and simple. While I love Global, occasionally it is nice to play something that is so simple. I think it is more fun as the attacker because you simply don’t have to worry about SBRs or shore bombardment. Also, no AA fire to threaten your planes.
    I think it is easier for the Axis to win. I have played a handful of games and only once so far did the Allies win, although I have not tried the new changes in setup yet. Also, I might have been just lucky so far (I usually play Axis). I have noticed if certain battles don’t go right for the Axis, the Allies could gain the upper hand.
    Basically, it’s good if you just got a couple of hours or so to kill and you don’t want to leave the game set up.

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