• Futher discssion on that point needs to be moved to House Rules area.

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    “with 2 destroyers you get to attack twice on the first turn with two 3’s”

    what the hell is this? destroyers attack at 2 not 3…. I think you guys must be using a house rule.

  • Sorry IL, DSTs are 3/3.

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    OMG! I have confused my own house rules with OOB rules… LOL!

    if thats the rule then 3/3 is far better than the cost value of a BB

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    Yea, common house rules were (at least here and SIU-Carbondale)

    8 IPC Destroyers: 2/2 only ship that can kill submarines
    12 IPC Cruisers: 3/3 can do shore bombardment
    20 IPC Battleship: 4/4 2 Hits to Sink
    12 IPC Aircraft Carrier: 1/1
    10 IPC Naval Fighter: 2/3

  • Still depends on the objective IL…

    If you have massed navy issues, then yes the 2 DSTs are the better buy.

    If you ahve small navy issues, the free hit for teh BB may be well worth it.

    If you have no naval issues, and are just landing troops hither and yon, then the BB is obviously the better of the two (IF you buy navy at all!)

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    Hi There

    I’m new to this sight.  Thus such a late reply.

    This thread has been very interesting.

    On the issue of Destroyers, I think if they are allowed to bombard shore units then they should also be subjected to land attacks.  The reason being is that in most cased their gun range would be about the same as most shore batteries.  It’s clear that DD did participate in anphibious assaults, they also suffered losses.  With a few exceptions, CA & BB were well out of range for most shore guns and as far as I know, a CA or BB was never lost (although some CAs were damaged) from shore bombardment.

    Now there was a lot of discussion about the value of the DD vs CA & BB.  Perhaps by allowing only CAs & BBs shore bombardment and not the DD, would give more value to these ships.

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    Yea thats what i got …no dd shots can count for SB. plus you need to land 4 infantry for one free shot, but each supporting ship also gives one infantry a +1 (including dd) at a 1/1 basis like artillery.

    1. free SB shots (preemtive)
    2. defending artillery fires and AA guns (preemtive)
    3. attacking infantry land and air and fire ( not armor or artillery)
    4. all other defending units fire

    second round+:

    1. all attacking units fire (incliuding tanks and artilery)
    2. all defending units fire

  • We have strayed into House Rules.  Further discussion along those lines needs to be moved to the House Rules area.

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