2 players??

  • 2007 AAR League


    So does anyone want to participate in a 5 player play by forum game ? :mrgreen:

    Occasionally you will see 5 player games in the “Play Board Games” forum.  Each year we have a doubles tournement 4 players each game.  They are a lot of fun, and all the stuff IL was saying about convincing your partner to follow “your plan” is true.  I know my partner and I have had some heated discussions on which strategy to pursue…he’s usally right. 😄

  • @Imperious:

    I would not bring the example of cats to prove points about games…

    And up until now the thread was productive.

    I’m out.

    Have a nice day.



    IL, we would like you to join or 5 player game


    What say you

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    sure…join gleemax, dL the software and we can play on the real map that does not look like a comic strip. After badminton training (about 11PM) ill be available.

    AAA is not quality IMO.

  • @Crazy:

    Me thinks that Bunnies P Wrath is too smart for his own good. 😛
    But that’s my opinion.
        I will smite thee for outragious sillyness!  😛
        And, later on, I shall appauld thee for
                    OUTRAGIOUS sillyness!  😄
    Because we are not allowed to do both in the same day. :x

    Now then, does anyone have a rebuttal to my post before all of this Outragious sillyness.  :?

    I thought NBP’s comment was funny. what he said was true but I think IL is just saying you have to be able to react to unexpected surprises and adjust. (i believe that is an important part of strategy being flexible but it isn’t the most important)

  • Personally, I think that both options have their advantages.
    Sure, playing one on one has something ‘chessy’(and I mean the game :lol:) about it. It’s like you’re trying to get inside the mind of your opponent, deducting his strategy as he/she makes moves and try to make his plans part of your masterplan. It’s fun, it takes a lot of mental work but it’s worth it.
    Then again, playing 2 vs 2(I’ve never played with 5 people, and for this I apologize  😉) has a lot of good features too. Two minds see and think of more than just one. Putting your ideas together will often result in a better plan than either of you thought of, and defeating 2 of your friends(who are your intellectual equals, at least concerning A&A :roll:) gives an enormous satisfaction. Beating two people who think together to defeat you is something special, at least to me.

    To sum up. There will always be people who prefer one or the other, but I believe that each has its charm, and therefor such discussions are a bit pointless. And to end with a golden oldie: “Live and let live”(Unless your opponents are playing on the Allied side, in which case, kill the bastards :evil:)

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