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    In all games you can track the overall ipc situation. Now, is it possible to say something about where you need to be ipc wise for example after round 3, 6, 9, 12 etc in order to win as the allies or axis. I understand that this is tricky to answer as it depends on a lot of things. The question can also be formulated as how long can you be behind ipc wise and it is still ok, especially for the allies from end of round 6 or 7.

  • Hi Oysteilo,

    a question very difficult to answer. I Think no one could tell you exactly Player X could earn Y IPCs at turn Z.
    But in most of our games the US get the 2 IPCs for Brazil and loose 2 for the Phillipnes. That’s it and if you don’t get about 72 IPCs something is going badly wrong.
    ANZAC should be at 10 IPCs and rarely get some NOs.
    India (GB-Pac) should be reduced one or two turns after a Jap DoW to 5 or 6 IPCs.
    Japan has to earn about 60+ IPCs to win.
    And Italy? If Mussolini gets beaten badly by the allies (Fleet and Africa gone) he hardly gets 10 IPCs. But if  the allies screw their Med.Campiagn Italy has a fair chance to end a turn with 25-30 IPCs.
    It all depends upon the strategy used and how the dice are being rolled. Maybe in general you could say that if the Axis powers earn about 130IPCs incl. NOs things are very difficult for the Axis…

  • The allies can (and usually will) still win the game if being 30-40 IPCs behind, IF they can correct this pretty soon. Let’s say in ~5 turns max., they must at least get a total equalization of both economies.

    Having said that, if there is no visible possibility to (at least) equalize, the allies will have lost the game even if their shortfall is only small. I have no exact figures here but I bet the allies will have lost the game even if their shortfall is 5 IPCs per turn only, if they have no possibility to repair this.

    Sometimes every IPC (per turn) counts…

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