• Do all strict neutrals without any units on the set up sheet truly have no units?  here is the situation which concerns me.  I’m about to send the anzac infantry in south africa to brazil.  then i was going to use those new units to invade argentina and the rest of south america.  however only argentina has units because they are a minor axis power.  so can the anzac just walk in and conquer all of south america just by walking into the neutrals?

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    Yes,  the Brazil infrantry can go into empty Neutrals but will have to fight the troops in Argentina and the money goes toward Anzac.

  • Taking S.A. with Uk/Anzac has to be part of your strategy. The extra 10 IPC a turn adds up very quickly and it only needs 1 transport to get the process started.

  • yeah, this is my second time playing the allies.  first on 7.1.  we’re also playing rails and resources.  so south america is worth 4 more than usual and support of cairo from south africa is much easier.

  • I have come to Axis&Allies from more “serious” war games like World in Flames. These types of games attempt to simulate the political realities of the war. If the UK invaded South America and militarized these conquered regions the US would have gone into isolationistic hibernation. In fact, we might have invoked the Monroe Doctrine and declared war on the UK.

    If you want to follow a more historical path then simply add these powers to the Allied side following Japan’s use of its sneak attack. Many of these powers declared war on the Axis following this event. Heck even Argentina will eventually declare on Germany and Japan.

    Flip to Pro-Allied after Japan Sneak Attack and US in the war

    Flip to Pro-Allied once Holland falls (Poor Belgium doesn’t even get a space 🙂 )
    Belgium Congo

    Chile remains Strict Neutral

    Saudia Arabia flip Pro-allied once Germany attacks someone.

    Portugal should provide its IPC (1) to Germany once France falls. (Germany influence Portugal to sell its Tungsten to Germany.)
    Allies can not declare war on Portugal. However they may treat the Azores as a pro-allied space. UK has 500 years of alliances with Portugal and had agreements with Portugal regarding the Azores.

    Mongolia flips to Pro-Russian if Japan and Russia are at war. Russia may not activate pro-allied nations.

    Since I am not a veteran A&A I am not sure the effect on play balance, however it is simply wrong to allow UK to activate or invade regions in South America without a penalty to US entry.

  • @SS:

    Yes,  the Brazil infrantry can go into empty Neutrals but will have to fight the troops in Argentina and the money goes toward Anzac.

    I don’t think any allied units are allowed to attack strict neutrals. You could only go in after they have fallen to an axis power.

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    Ya we know.

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