• Hello everyone,

    I have a few questions.

    1.  Can new purchased units be placed into an occupied sea zone?  Implicating a battle that turn, unless a submarine which may submerge, unless a destroyer is being placed?

    2.  How many units may a transport deliver per turn?  To my understanding, they may pick up, move 1, drop off, pick up again, move 1 drop off.  This potentially means 4- at least 2 being infantry.  What if they are not required to move as is the case between Germany and UK, and Germany with Africa.  4 still?

  • Hi Gregathon.
    Yes, naval units can be placed in a hostile SZ, as the Combat around is over.
    It is up to the other power to either initiate combat or move away in his next turn.

    A Transport can only load up to two units and its turn ends when it offloads them or when it has moved two SZs(units still onboard). It can pick up units anywhere along its two movement path(as long as the SZ is friendly), including at the end of two, but its go ends when it drops them off. This means a Transport might not move at all, as the units to be dropped off are in the territory adjacent to the SZ in which it begins its turn.
    It cannot pick up 4, therefore.
    Hope that helps you. Please ask again if unsure.

  • Thank you very much for the reply.  We’ve been trying to nail all these rules down.  I’m sure questions more will come!

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