Europe 1940 or 1942 (Global)?

  • Hi!

    As I’m getting my first AA board game, I am wondering which one should I get. The difference I am most concerned about is balance, since I might play a lot AA with my friends. However, I heard that both versions have balance problems.

    Could anyone tell me which one is more balanced, or other differences between the two versions?


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    If you’re just getting started with Axis & Allies or haven’t played since the original version, I would recommend Axis & Allies 1942 Second Edition. Despite the typos on the game, it is a fantastic game and one of my favorite versions.

    If you’re a veteran and have played nearly all of the version, except for the ones you mentioned, then try 1940. But don’t just get Europe. You should invest in both Europe 1940 Second Edition and Pacific 1940 Second Edition. These two games combine to become one huge game of Axis & Allies

    The main difference is that 1940 is a much larger and longer game with several different rules. Many A&A players will only play this version.

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