• On 24th July 1704 a small force under Sir George Rooke attacked and seized Gibraltar. This tiny, narrow peninsular had been owned by the Spanish since 1501 when they annexed it after  they ousted the Moors from Spain. It is only 2 square miles in size and contains no rivers or springs and is effectively just a great big rock rising 1400 feet. It is also just one mile from the coast of Spain.
    Gibraltar was the only real outcome of the War of Spanish Succession. But it has proven a lasting one.
    Spain has many times tried to claim it back, to no avail.
    We all know how important it was in WW2 and in our A&A games.

  • Hi rjpeters. Excuse the delay replying: I had a busy night at work.
    I am sure the tiny population of Gib would love one, but with all the political correctness and fear of antagonising fellow European neighbours, there will not be a government sanctioned one. Many clamour for a bank holiday in Autumn. Trafalgar has been suggested. It will never happen for this reason. 
    If I hear anything to the contrary, I will post again.

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    This year saw various “celebrations” of the 70th anniversary of the “Dam Busters” raid.

    I have a problem with this, since it was in effect an act of terrorism, which killed about 1600 civliians and had minimal effect on German industry.

    It’s rather like the German government celebrating the anniversary of the bombing of Rotterdam.

    Still, more people are offended by the fact that the commander called his dog “nigger” than the destruction of human life. Don’t worry, though, as in the new film version the dog is renamed “digger”. So that’s all right, then.

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