Greetings from your friendly little elfling

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    Well, I’m back from training - at least until 1/2/06.

    First off, happy holidays/merry christmas/happy hanukkah /merry kwanza (insert holiday here) to all of yas.

    Secondly, I’m beginning to understand why we lost the war on crime, drugs and soon terrorism…man some of these army pukes are STUPID!  (It seems to be inversely proportional to rank…the lower your rank, the more intelligence you have, the higher your stripe count the less intelligence you have…for instance, I’ve met some EXTREMELY intelligent privates down there, but some of the sergeant first classes I met seem like they’da failed basic mathematics in grade school if it wasn’t for social promotion!)

    Thirdly, I have a totally more unique view of how the government is being run and how the war is being won…as if I needed a more unique view, right CC/F_alk? hehe.  I singled ya two out because you tend to differentiate the most from me, not for any other reason.

    Finally, here’s a neat video link I was sent, it’s got some vulgarity in it, but otherwise it’s pretty okay:

  • Merry Christmas will do fine Jen. 🙂 Glad to have you back, enjoy your vacation!!! 😄

  • Welcome back Jen, pleasuer to make your acquaintance, and also to know that there is another on the list who appreciates FOAMY!

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    Welcome back Jen and Merry Christmas… hopefully you can start some fires before you go off again! 😄


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    Welcome back Jen.

  • Welcome back Jen.

    Rune Blade

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