Cell Phone Change Advice Requested from Community

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    Okay, a couple days ago I received notification that Sprint was purchasing U.S. Cellular, which, as far as I am concerned, was the absolute best cell phone company in the area for the longest time.  Sprint, however, is a horrible, unethical company that couldn’t get my bill right for 6 months while I was with them last time, so I have NO DESIRE AT ALL in going back to them.

    Therefore, I need to find a new carrier - this time I think I’ll look for a national carrier instead of a local one.

    Here’s what I use my phone for:

    1. To send and receive phone calls.
    2. There is no two!

    Here’s what I would be willing to have my phone do:

    1. Navigation (I have a freaking Prius V 5 Series fully loaded, I don’t NEED navigation, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a second one to confirm.  Of course, I only ever had bad directions from Apple products, my Droid never got lost….but I digress.
    2. Text Messaging / Email (pretty sure you can’t even buy a phone that doesn’t text message and download email.)
    3. Smart Phone
    4. Tablet (as long as it sends and receives phone calls!)

    Here’s what I refuse to have:

    1. Any Crapple product (Apple.)  It’s worse than being with Sprint.  Only way to get a raise with that company is to have all your friends commit suicide on international television (google it if you don’t believe me!)  I won’t support a company like that.
    2. There is no two!

    Thoughts?  I’m thinking a Windows Tablet would be AWESOME, but I’m not locked into it especially since I can’t find one anywhere!  Tablets kinda worry me as I don’t see any that make and receive phone calls and that’s important to me. (IT’S A PHONE for Pete’s sake…not a PSP, if I want a PSP I’ll buy a PSP!)

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    Use Virgin Mobil $40 a month total with taxes, no billing whatsoever ( the phone tells you to “top up” and you just input payment) 1200 minutes and all the text and internet you want. Get Phone at most any radio shack and you can use almost any phone. I just pay 1 year in advance and don’t have to deal with anything for that year.

    You can app the navigation, use any smart phone.

    I have been with every carrier and deplore them all till i found this Virgin Mobil thing.

    Oh and no contract either.


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    Hmm.  I have a smartphone, it’s an HTC for US Cellular, but since they are no longer in business, I wonder if I could jailbreak it for Virgin.  I like the idea of having a backup nav unit, but I’m not exactly sure the nav would work without US Cellular/Sprint running the program.

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    You don’t need jailbreak. Virgin is not like that. Almost any phone works. That’s why i prefer them after being LA Cingular, Sprint, TMobile, ect customers.

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