Any GUNDAM fans? Need Advice…

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    Since the forums have been basically dead for the past month, I will post about something I have been researching a bit.

    So… anybody hear into Mobile Suit GUNDAM?  If so, any advice you want to share with a person just venturing into the franchise.

    I should qualify that slightly by saying that I have done a pretty significant amount of research about the different series already and am somewhat familiar. Secondly, as with most Americans I was first introduced to Gundam Wing back in the days it came on Cartoon Network. I was about 10 years old at the time and could only watch at my grandparent’s house, so I watched infrequently and understood little besides giant mech suits with pilots and big guns. I am encouraged to know that Gundam in general is rarely so simple and that it offers both entertainment and thoughtful writing… (generally).

    I am most inclined to get back into Gundam Wing as a starting point and branch out from there. I was excited to find this in my searches ( Supposedly, this means a releasing of much, if not all, the Gundam animated material over time. I sincerely hope this means remastering, dubbing and repackaging as I have gathered that the American audience in particular has been repeatedly screwed over or shut out by Bandai. I am tempted to wait until stuff starts coming out on Blu-Ray.

    That said, please elaborate if you are a fan.

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