"Who-dey?!" from a sometimes Bengals fan…

  • Watched a chunk of the Bengals kickin’ Favre(mis-pronounced “Farve”[he must be French])/Green Bay around for the partial MNF game…41-10.

    Course, it is just one game.
    Favre came back even though he din’t get the offensive weapons for which he asked.

    I wouldn’t mind the Bengals going 2-14 this season.  All they gotta do is kick Pittsbutts sAs twice.
    Come to think of it, I’d settle for 1-15 if the one was a victory over Pitysberg keeping them outa the play-offs!

    I couldn’t beleive one of those yeah-whos in the booth said…
    “Cincinnati chilli is the Best.” What a dipstick!

    I’m from the Cincihood.  Even I know peeps from Texas and elsewhere died laughing at that.
    It goes over well here(the gods only know why it became popular.)
    It is a hit in parts of Florida and Arizona(read as "retirement communities) cuz it’s so freakin’ mild except for a cinnamon bite and hot sauce if you add it.
    Watery meat sauce on a hot dog…called a Coney( that’s right!)
    or as a 3-way, 4-way, or 5-way…
    A 5-way is spaghetti w/watery chili, cheese, beans and onions.
    Subtract what you must to get a 3- or 4-way.

    The twit who said that also said Baltimore was gonna win the division.
    Git hymn offin da air!!!

  • Jefe,

    You should feel great compared to Dallas.  That’s my closest team, and we have to put up with TO’s c**p.  I can’t believe Jerry Jones gave that hot-air baloon of a man millions of dollars to fake an injury to skip practice!

    He as much as told the media covering training camp that he didn’t need to practice.  If coach wanted to see him perform before gametime, he could look at 10 years worth of films.

    As talented physically as TO is, his disruptive influence renders him useless to a team (accent on ‘team’).  He should have taken up a sport, where others didn’t need to depend on him.
    He could go into track and be an excellent javalin catcher.  lol

    There!  I’ve vented.  Anyone else?

  • Official Q&A 2007 AAR League

    I like “Cincinnati Chilli.” I can not put forth any argument that is the best compared to any other. Sorta like comparing Guinness to Bud. Same planet, different worlds. I hope mostly that the Bengals stay out of jail and beat up on the Steelers. I’m from Steelers country and it makes my season for the Bengals to whip on 'em. Just wish they’d have done it in the playoffs. At least the Steelers fans have stopped talking about how great the teams were in the 70’s (for now.)

    Also Rothlisberger some kind of stinky cheese right?

  • 2007 AAR League

    My friend calls him “rottenburger”. Maybe Bengals fans should chip in and get him a new motorcycle before the season starts.  :evil:

    And at least the Bengals have a good reason for losing in the playoffs. Palmer was injured in the first quarter. As a Bears fan, I had to wait 2 weeks for them to play a team that had Steve Smith as the only legitimate scoring threat and he gained over 200 yards and scored 2 TD’s because the Bears couldn’t be bothered with double teaming him. What in God’s name was Lovie Smith thinking?!! And to top it off, they go and draft mostly defense again this year. I love defense, but all I can look forward to again this year is one-sided football and an early exit from the playoffs.

  • To me, chili does not include spaghetti.  That’s just a Yankee thing to do.  🙂

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