Big(read as "Evil") Food asks…vote Cholesterol..

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    What a hoot! :lol:

    However, Gray Doofus shouldn’t be on the menu. It should be…

    Buy a Bean Burrito and we’ll count your vote for Cruz “N” Bustamante!

  • Too bad the food at Taco Bell is shitty. :lol:

  • dont let NatFedMike hear that TG, hes in love with it, and i must say, its very good. maybe its just the ones by you

  • Well I live in the SoCal part of the state, so I rather have authentic Mexican food, not that shitty Americanized stuff.

    Taco Bell Taco = Rat Poison.

  • Americanized, yes. Shitty, hardly. It aint authentic Mexican, but no one (that I know) cares. Its still good.

  • No it’s not, it’s not even cross. You get a taco shell splits in half the moment you bite into it, the most disgusting grounded meat in the world (and hardly any of it), the crappy part of the lettuce (not the green leaves but the white turdish stuff), meager helping of slushy tomatos, and something that passes as cheese (again, hardly any of that either). Sorry, I can make better tacos than that. :-?

    I hope NatFedMike doesn’t eat at MacDonalds either…

  • “Buy American, Get Phat!” One thing I don’t think you can say about Mehican foods.

    Support Big Food, Sit on the Can,
    see your _________(fill in the blank, for guys it’s proctologist, but what is it for gals since they don’t have a proct? 😛 ).

  • Oh God, anybody who uses the word “Phat” in a conversation deserves to be shot. Period.

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