Fish Stem cells for rare seafood??

  • The fish are disappearing from the oceans.

    Chilean Sea Bass, Beluga Sturgeon Caviar, Shark fins, Seahorses, even the once-common Bluefin tuna are getting more expensive to get due to all of the overfishing.

    The fishing fleets of today have sonar and satellite imaging to lead them get the last of the schooling fish in the ocean.

    What’s worse, mafia elements have gotten into the business, catching as much as possible, as prices rise, skirting the rarely enforced catch quotas

    Assuming viable fish stem cells can yet be found, could it become feasible to create fish meat out of them to satisfy the demand? Could technology finally relieve the strain we place into the natural environment? Would you consider eating food so created?

    I first heard of it from a friend as we discussed how dried shark fins were selling at $250/lb.

  • if its possible, and feasible, i would have no problem with eating the created fish, and it could be a viable solution to save declining populations. however, this should not be a blank check to fisherman to be allowed to fish the seas clean because we can always make more. the natural populations should still be preserved, but supplemented by the created fish.

  • I put yes because a hungry belly has not regrets. So we will eat whatever we have to in order to survive. Would be nice if we where smart enough to preserve our food supply though. 🙂

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