Look here to see all techs in Triple A

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    Triple A gives you a little eye candy when you get certain techs.

    1. Super subs - white stripes on the noses
    2. Jets - nation specific jet sculpts
    3. Radar - radar symbols by all facilities and AAA guns
    4. LRA - white stripes on the wings
    5. Heavy bombers - nation specific sculpts for tactical bombers (who knows why), and SOME nations have changed strat bomber sculpts.  All have 2 little bomb icons by the strat bombers
    6. Rockets - rocket symbol at each air base
    7. Increased production - fancy IC sculpts for all nations

    If you don’t want to see all these upgrades at once, then don’t download and look at this file.

    If you would like to see all the cool possibilities in Triple A for hitting different techs with different nations, you can just use the edit function to add a technology to a power.

    Or, you can save all the clicking since I’ve done it for you, and just download this file.

    All teched up.tsvg

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