• Well, I feel that technology is such an impact on the game that leaving it to mere chance is silly.

    So what I think I will start doing is simply making it where you buy “tech points” for 5 IPC each, and once you buy 6 tech points for a certain technology you get the technology.  It works just like purchasing tech rolls, only the roll is removed.

    On average, a tech costs 30 IPC anyway, so tech doesn’t change in value or anything.  It just removes the broken risk factor, because it is just unfair and unfun when one side invests 50 IPC over a few turns and sees no success, when someone else takes a crapshoot and gets it immediately.

    In fact, I see most people play with “No tech” in LHTR because of how broken the luck factor is.  Well, I believe this would fix that.

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    I don’t like the fact that the techs all have the same chance to succeed. Thats bogus to say Atomic bombs are the same level as radar technology. But it must stay a bit random, so as to avoid a rich bloke from spending all his money on tech with a guaranteed result as you elude too.

  • A&ARe (Enhanced) gives you ‘credit’ towards tech, taking away some of the totally chance of a tech roll, but still leaves some ‘chance’ in tech rolls with this rule:

    The 4:2 Tech Rule
    -The first time you roll for a particular Tech, you MUST purchase a minimum of 4 rolls that turn
    -The second time you roll for that Tech, you MUST purchase a minimum of 2 rolls that turn, but you receive the Tech automatically
    -You MAY purchase ALL 6 rolls in ONE turn, and receive the Tech automatically
    -In all cases, Tech doesn’t come into effect until the Mobilize Units Phase you receive it (as per LHTR rules)

  • That is a pretty cool rule.

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