1914 - Looking for simple changes to improve the game for future 2nd version.

  • Okay here are the rules:  keep changes simple and in-line with original version

    1. Map changes okay.
    2. Set up changes okay.
    3. New units NOT okay.
    4. Movement and combat procedures to remain “as-is”.  (But would like to see changes to mines).

    Looking forward to your suggestions.

    Here are my 3 sets of changes…
    1)  Map changes:
    Add Sea Zone 31 - split of current sea zone 17 into 2 zones.  SZ31 adjacent to Africa, Greece, SZ16, SZ19, and SZ20.  
    SZ17 adjacent to Italy, Albania, SZ16, and SZ18.
    Make Switzerland impassable.
    2)  Setup changes:
    Move any 1 GE SS from existing SZ to new SZ31; Add 1 GE CA to SZ26;
    Remove UK TR from SZ2; Add 1 UK SS to SZ8;
    Remove 1 OE CA from SZ20; Add 1 OE TR to SZ20;
    Remove 1 RU CA from SZ21; Add 1 RU SS to SZ21.
    3)  Play changes:
    Neutral Albania: Albania starts game as a neutral.  At start of turn 3, it becomes minor-aligned with Italy or France (AP choice).
    Neutral Portugal: Portugal is neutral, unless CP attacks Portugal, Angola or PEA.  If that occurs, Portugal becomes minor-aligned FR or UK (AP choice).  If ANG or PEA are occupied by AP, no effect on Portugal’s neutrality.

  • 2017 '16

    My suggestion would be to change the name of the thread from “1914 - Looking for simple changes to improve the game for future 2nd version.” to “1914 - Looking for simple changes to improve the game”.

    Nothing wrong with making suggestions to improve the game… however, I’d be willing to make a very sizeable wager that this game will never see a 2nd Edition… reprint, maybe… 2nd Ed, never.

  • 2020 2019 2018 2017 '16

    There are some Larry Harris tounament rules you may want to look at first. I thought they were worthy changes when playing them for thd first time recently.

  • I agree on 2nd version - very doubtful.  As to the tourney rules, I have found the 2 movement factor rule to greatly change how the game is played - not a fan.

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