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Targeted Tech?

  • Should certain nations be able to target tech so that we see more of it?
    Or should each nation have a list of techs it may opt to target?

    Example….A nation can roll for tech normaly, or:
    Germany can target “Rockets” “Jet Fighters” or “Improved Mechinized Infantry”
    Japan can target “Long Range Aircraft” or “Super Submarines”
    Italy can target “Improved Shipyards”

    The US can target “Paratroopers” “Long Range Aircraft” or “Heavy Bombers”
    The UK (and ANZAC) can target “Radar” or “Improved Shipyards”
    The USSR can target “Advanced Artillery”

    Comments? Ideas?

  • Makes sense, i think Zenos World at war did this. It sucks when russia gets super subs!

  • wouldnt germany be able to target paratroopers considering they where the first power to have and only paratrooper assault, and the first to use them.

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