[Global 1940] Capitol ship targets (priority carrier)

  • 2 hit ship’s are wonderful but just because you have the luxury of using this ability as a free hit we need to tweak this ability just a bit. Here is the tweak.

    If you have a battleship and a carrier defending with other surface ship’s when the time comes to choose a hit on a capitol ship the carrier must be chosen before a battleship. Symbolizing carriers as primary targets.

    If you had 2 carriers and a battleship you would be able to choose the battle ship as the second target after the carrier who was already chosen. So a carrier must be chosen before a battleship when a capitol ship is to be taken as a hit.

    Now before everyone freaks out about losing planes on the attack because loss of carrier there is one more tweak. The player who can’t land on a friendly space does not lose the planes automatically. We can make 2 options they are


    1. Planes can return to carrier but can no longer attack or defend until carrier is repaired if carrier is hit again the planes are considered as cargo and go down with ship.

    2. A roll is made for each plane returning to carrier (you guys can discuss the roll) my idea is 50/50 so for each 4 or higher plane can return. But then follows option 1 rules of not being able to attack or defend until carrier is repaired.

    I believe this will give players some options rather then just outright not attacking because of fear of losing planes automatically. We understand it’s suppose to be assumed that a damaged carrier is suppose to mean catastrophic damage. But we don’t have to lose 2 squadrons of planes just for sake of realism. At least let there be an option.

    BTW these rules have been around since the early 90’s they are part of the Gamers Paradise rule sets. Called World war 2 the expansion ( for use with axis and allies) you Should really look at those rules many of you are incorporating them into your games currently and don’t even know it. I think many of the rules in those expansions fit perfectly into the current game meta you guys are playing. They give a bit of realism without turning the game into an old school hexagonal game that takes a week to play. I gave the rules to young grasshopper he has the files if anyone is interested in them without having to buy them in second hand market. Some of the rules.

    German SS
    British commandoS
    Japanese pill boxes
    US marines
    Carrier based planes (zeros and hellcats)
    Troop trucks
    Full naval rules for subs and destroyers. A stab at battle for atlantic.

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    Simple rule is for a damaged carrier where 1 plane can land or take off in combat or non combat. Besides you mentioned a cruiser in other post giving cruisers a AA shot at planes. Plus you also should have a dog fight first.
    Might be less planes landing.

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    Why don’t you post the rules here for all other people to see and if they want ? Be easier.

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