• Ok, so Germany attacks round 1.  Gets incredible rolls in the atlantic- 4 Subs survive (1 off Canada, 3 off England), straife the USSR to kill a few Inf, but does not take any territory.  Buys 1 transport, 1 bomber, 1 DD, 1 Inf and is talking trash about buying 8+ transports round 2.  I am not sure if I believe him.

    Russia went- I took Finland out (killed 7 Inf, losing 4) and bought all inf + 1 art.  Sent 2 inf, 1 mech, 1 arm towards Iraq.  Consolidated in Leningrad and Bryansk.

    Japan just did a J1! Raped my US fleet at Pearl, took Kwangtung, Phillippines, and Borneo.  Setting up for Malaya next turn.

    The question is… What to do? 
    This is what I’d like to do:
    UK: Buy all Inf for London.  Do the Taranto Raid with as much as I can muster (Maybe no aid from London).  I did bid a sub in the Eastern Med.
    India: Usually I take Sumatra… Not sure now- should I worry about that?  Can’t help China too much yet-- don’t have much Money.  Hole up in India?
    ANZAC:  Buy land?  Maybe a Sub?  Take DNG for the NO.
    USA… ugh.  Do I spend in the Atlantic to maybe take London back if he goes through with Sealion?  Build for a Italy knockout?  Or worry about Japan first turn?


  • How about check your odds on a counterattack with US after he did pearl harbour. You can spam american bombers, that works well anywhere and especialy vs german fleet.
    Do attack z97, always, dont take sub casualty and force italy to attack. Put all india force into burma +china fgt. Land 1inf,1AAgun and 3 anzac fgt in java.

    Hard to say more without actually seeing the game.

  • Yes, the counter attack on Pearl Harbor can be successful.  Never spammed bombers before.  They seem like too much of an investment and every one I lose is $12.  Then again, I can build 4 first turn and 6 2nd turn…

    I’m just hard pressed on all corners of the map right now

  • Bomber is the special joker cos it go all the way from WUS to London to defend.

  • 2017 '16 '13 '12

    What is left of the British navy?

  • @BJCard:

    The question is… What to do?�

    I wouldn’t veer off your normal strategies just yet.  With that said:

    Take Sumatra and stack your UK ships there.  Bring 2 Inf.  This forces Japan to either ignore your ships or fight your ships and bring enough units to displace your 2 Inf.  Every diversion buys you time in the Pacific.

    Counter attack at Hawaii, bring every air unit in range (basically every aircraft you have on the board can reach), plus your fleet.  Sunk Japanese ships are good, particularly early in the game.  I’d buy 8 SS on US1.  Get some of them to convoy Italy, with the rest in position to threaten a counter-counter-counter in Hawaii if Japan is even position to do so.  Japan has limited DD, so forcing her to deal with a average sized fleet and fat stack of SS poses problems.  You can convoy the J1 gains rather quickly with 3-5 SS sitting off Tokyo before the mid game hits.

    I don’t see how Sea Lion makes sense with that Russian strafe.  Buy your normal 6 Inf and 1 Ftr.  Send your Bomber and your remaining units after the Italian fleet.  Shut Italy down from shucking units to Africa and keep her on the mainland whilst setting up the US to get SS into convoy Italy out of the game before she can respond to the threat.

    As Anzac I’d take DNG, get the 5 IPC NO.  Its worthless to Japan, but worth 5 IPC to you.  She doesn’t have time to divert resources to take it away from you with a J1 DOW.  Stack your ships with the TT, forcing Japan to split her fleet/aircraft to address both the UK fleet off Sumatra and the Anzac fleet off DNG (I’d consider flying my 3 Ftr there as well).

    Basically Divide and Conquer Japan and call Germany’s Sea Lion Bluff.

  • 2017 '16 '13 '12

    I don’t see any danger of Sealion there. US and Canada can bring 6 units on US 2 / UK 2 with a fleet to protect the transports.

    There is a plane out there that can be killed by the French, reduces odds further.

    Furthermore, there is next to no navy to protect the transports and no troops to load in them…

    It does look like the UK can afford to hit the Italians really hard.

  • Sorry guys.  I think I posted the wrong savefile.  This should be the correct one.


  • '16 '15 '10

    Before I say anything I’d prefer to make sure this isn’t a league game or a situation where your opponent would be upset if we gave you advice.

  • No league game.  just a friendly game with my brother

  • 2017 '16 '15 '14 '12

    #1 Don’t freak out.  Focus on defense for the first few rounds and pick off any targets of opportunity that present themselves only if its not too costly.  Be a pain in the butt when you can, but hold London, Cairo, Moscow, Hawaii, Sydney.

    Some options to consider:
    USA - sink z26 and start shucking inf/AA to Hawaii.  Build to hold Hawaii (carriers, fighters, destroyers). keep mechs in range of Alaska
    China - Liberate Yunnan with 6 inf, 1 fig. All else in Shensi
    UK - build infantry. sink z106 and z96. block z99 and turtle Cairo. Send fighters to Karelia then moscow
    UK Pacific - infantry, infantry, infantry. send fleet toward south africa and get a shuck going to Cairo
    ANZAC - build 2 inf, 1 art per turn for South Australia.
    France - do not put the fighter in Karelia because it will be all alone when the USSR/UK planes leave next round.

  • 2017 '16 '13 '12

    Japan seems off to a relatively slow start, fleet is off position. Russia is doing well and Germany is relatively “poor”

    I would buy a carrier with the US on Pacific side, 1 carrier and 2 destroyers on the Atlantic side (you’ll need strong navy on the atlantic side).

    Definitely crush the 2 destroyers in 26.

    With UK, I would go 6 infantry and 1 fighter. I would clear out the sub off Canada with destroyer + bomber.

    I would attack the fleet off Borneo with a cruiser and destroy the cruiser with the destroyer + planes (landing in burma)

    I would take Sumatra / Java and move my fleet out of the med to soften Irak to allow Russia to take it (1 mech + 1 infantry) + cruiser bombard + tac)

    With the British fleet in the Pacific, US will need to go heavy Atlantic to turn off Italy. From that point (holding Irak + Finland), Russia should be strong enough to hold on its own.

  • '12


    UK Pacific - infantry, infantry, infantry. send fleet toward south africa and get a shuck going to Cairo

    It may be better to stick with Mech Infantry for Calcutta, since you have more options on trying to keep the Burma Road open or heading west if needed.

  • TripleA

    Personally I like to scramble pearl, you got 3 fodder in front and the extra 4 rolls usually hit… not often you get chances to take out air units potentially.

    You want to merge at yunnan with china and uk pacific, even more so if he is doing pearl. should have less air units in range than normal.

    You want uk atlantic to be hyper aggressive. sz 97 attack no exceptions.

    What naval did G1 take out? Did you scramble anything?

    If you can get away with 6 inf 1 fighter buy to defend with, do it, if you can get away with 1 dd rest inf buy do that instead. Before germany gets archangel you can force him to buy subs for sz 125.
    with uk pacific, since japan did not take borneo you can easily take java and sumatra, and bank on them for that round and the next (2 boats and he wants malaya, celebes, java, sumatra, and borneo… so you lose two and bank off the other 2 so your transport loss gets converted back into ipcs no matter what).

    Land 3 fighters on java with anzac. That will buff up yunnan the next turn. That is going to be the spot you want to hold forever. If Japan attacks it, it will at least save you from losing India, plus China NO money is hard for Japan to deal with.

    The only atlantic thing you need, is 2 sub, then 1 sub, then 1 sub. I generally get a destroyer or two round 1 if there are subs off of canada to hunt down. In which case I do that… that is it. that is all you need.

    You should take brazil with usa unless uk had a transport survive. USA transport can swing over to the pacific or drop into north africa.

    After the sea lion possibility passes over, drop that egypt minor, you can keep italy at italy and fly fighters toward russia.

    don’t waste money on airbases unless it is at egypt to stop an italy drop or something. same thing with naval bases.

    If sz 110 is still alive, you can shove that in the med or if you buy 1 dd, keep it in that spot where germany has to do 3 move from west germany to hit it. Then yes, you can force germany to buy subs to stop Russia NO, which is effectively 1 less armor hitting russia.

    If you go shove it in the med… you will have the french fleet, the uk fleet in 97, and that fleet in the med by gibraltar… should kill germany air / prevent italy from buying naval for a bit /  stop italy NO for a fair amount of time.
    If you do decide you want usa involvement in europe. The first round or two is your purchase window, set up a 1 way ticket to norway or italy attack. Even if he can sink that naval and the transports, as long as you can dump into norway and stop that NO, it is totally worth it.

    I suggest reserving iraq, ethiopia, and somalia for Russia. tobruk and libya if possible as well. Come rounds 4-5 you want to fly air into Russia. The 3 java anzac fighters can go to yunnan and then toward russia after that if you need it to. uk air can go, uk pac air can go etc.

    Persia is a judgement call, honestly. I like persia for russia, because then it makes things easy for russia to take iraq and then load up on boats and then get somalia and ethiopia.  (another reason just shoving stuff in the med is strong, it allows you to move all survivors toward egypt area so you can guard a transport to load russians for ethiopia/somalia).

    So yeah that is my two cent. If you attack ethiopia round 1, I suggest a retreat after two hits.

    You are going to have to make some sacrifices here and there. The downside to a G1 DOW is usually, they don’t buy any naval, so you should be able to kill his 1 transport with russian sub or something. Also they tend not to attack sz 110.

    So yeah, you invest early rather than late if you do europe play. Otherwise go with bare minimal.  Get fighters to russia. Bank off the original europe pro axis and axis territories.

    Since you at war on R1, you can already advance towards your goals.

  • Cow,
    Since Japan was doing so well in its battles in the Pacific, I did not scramble my Pearl Fighters- Just doing battle calc, he may have lost one fighter, and I would have lost both.  He hit pearl hard.

    I like your merge at yunnan.  I will do that.

    G1 took SZ 111,110 and 106.  I only have 1 DD, 1 Trn off Wales (109?) and the Cruiser off Gibraltar.  He also bought 1 Bmr, 1 Transport, 1 DD, and 1 Inf.  All that and he still attacked Russia first turn with a straife (did not take any russian territories).  That gives me reason to believe he will buy 6+ transports next turn and set up a sealion turn 3 (may even land 4 units in Scotland).  If that is truely his intention, Russia will buy mech/arm and advance on Berlin. 
    He was talking up sealion a lot so I didn’t scramble any UK fighters.  In hindsight maybe I should have, for my fleet got only one hit- He has 3 subs off UK (2 in 111 and 1 in 110) and one sub off of Canada.

    Japan actually did take Borneo.  I still plan on taking Java (or DNG… haven’t decided) and Sumatra.  Not crazy about sending 3 ANZAC fighters to Java.  Wouldn’t that make ANZAC that much easier to take out? 
    The plan for Russia is absolutely take Iraq, somalia, Ethiopia at the minimum.

    For USA I was going to purchase 1 Sub for Pacific and for Atlantic 1 CV, 2 DD, 2 Transports.
    depending on sealion or no, turn 2 on will be heavy pacific. (with a sprinkle of SS/Trn in Atlantic to help UK)

  • TripleA

    What he hit pearl with? In a low luck game your fighters score 2 hits, usually japan wants to keep a dd to block you from wacking him. If he does not, you can do a 1 round attack and retreat into pearl where you can repair and he cannot then you can wack him again next turn.

    Yeah, idk about you, but no naval or air buy from germany -> full scramble.  At least scramble the french fighter and scotland fighter. Those are the battles where your odds increase, in a dice game sz 111, you always get like 13% at least if you scramble to defend… generally it gets you a hit. No destroyer where the french fighter can scramble, so you may as well just do it.

    If I have a sub bid for the med, I don’t need my london fighters, so I will scramble that too… otherwise I use both for sz 97. Scramble french fighter at least, idk what you saving it for, no naval buy gives lots of leeway for aggression.
    Yeah I don’t understand his J1, so he took borneo and is not protecting the transport? How is he hitting pearl so hard that you scare to scramble? I assume he has carriers park off wake… in which case you would want to scramble round 1. Especially if he does not control wake (he will have to keep a destroyer otherwise you wack him).

    Anzac will be fine. round 2 + you are buying 3 units a turn. USA comes in maybe, or maybe usa does the convoy japan thing… in any case you be fine.

    Yeah I don’t understand y u no scramble. He is not sending a 5 hit force, 2 fighter 2 tact 1 sub 2 dd, that is 3-4 hit, you scramble should get to roll twice on defense, that is good, y u scared?

    People say my games are crazy. It is a matter of low risk and high reward. Pearl scramble is just that. Low risk and high reward, high reward is a defend, you defend, japan is screwed.

    I do not do pearl, because from a japan perspective the risk is high and the reward is small… so much so I don’t care. Usually what happens I trade 3 units to kill 3 units plus a transport. woopdy do. If scrambles I could get screwed out of air units I rather have.

  • I didn’t scramble at UK because germany DID buy naval, plus one Bomber (1 DD, 1 Transport, 1 Bomber, 1 Inf).  And he is talking up a sealion right now-  could be bluffing, but we will see.

    I didn’t scramble at Hawaii because I was looking to counter attack, and I thought losing those fighters for getting maybe one of his fighters wasn’t worth it.  Maybe it was.  We are playing dice, not LL, so they aren’t ‘for sure hits,’ and he was rolling exceptionally well this round.  I loaded up the triplea savegame on page 1 if you’d like to see it cow. He sent all air that could make it plus at least 2 destroyers (and I missed in rolls, so he had 2 DDs there).  I can’t look at it while at work so I can’t give you better details.

    Thanks for the comments though.

  • '16 '15 '10

    not scrambling with UK was a mistake tho.  Germany went in way light and only had 69% to win that battle.  Even with Germany’s crazy good rolls, you were odds on to inflict as much damage as you got [3 fighters and 4 fighter rolls equals 3 hits on average, so 3 German planes destroyed].  Statistically, the average damage you will do to Germany (if you scramble against that deployment) exceeds your loss of 3 fighters considerably.

  • Part of the problem is we are playing by email (with just doing ‘local’ mode) so I can only tell him if I want to scramble or not.  In hindsight, yes it may have been a mistake, but he must have went lighter than I thought he was once he knew I wasn’t scrambling.  After the Japan’s steller rolling I may insist on using the “PBEM” option on triplea (not crazy about getting dozens of dice emails though).  We used to only play ‘live’ but now we both have different work schedules so we have to compromise.

    Since I know he doesn’t want to scramble with Italy I can be riskier there too.  This isn’t the ideal way to play obviously;  I think from turn 2 on I will request his exact attack strength first (for both Pearl Harbor and North Sea/Channel).

  • '12


    Since I know he doesn’t want to scramble with Italy I can be riskier there too.  This isn’t the ideal way to play obviously;  I think from turn 2 on I will request his exact attack strength first (for both Pearl Harbor and North Sea/Channel).

    You should, because scramble decisions are only supposed to come after the attacker has committed all their attack forces.

  • TripleA

    Use the PBEM function. I am sure you have a work email and a junk email.  Use your junk email to dump marty dice server emails off into.

  • TripleA

    OK well it is hard for me to give advice in this situation. If germany did buy naval and dow on russia… I would be very happy with that and just rush for the africa NOs with russia.

  • Well, stacking in Yunnan proved to be a bad plan.  Japan hit it with everything and with a 55% win chance, took it with a tank and lost 5 Fighters.  However, with India’s fighters gone now (died in Yunnan), and China’s stack gone- nothing will stop Japan from Calcutta and taking all of China.  Combine this with the Luftwaffe crushing the combined British/American fleet off of Gibraltar (made possible by Italian landing in Gibraltar), this game is over.  Russia was doing fairly well after taking Norway, Finland, and Iraq, but it was the only position that was doing ok.  (This with the German stack in East Poland on Turn 2).

    So, with the writing on the wall at the end of Turn 2 (!!) I conceded.

    What to do better against the G1:J1 onslought? 
    #1 Be more conservative with India and China - stacking Yunnan Turn 1 proved to be fatal- in one fell swoop, Japan crushed the mainland asian allies’ main forces.  Sacrificing all Indian ships to slow the Japanese was not effective.  I just traded a DD and CA for a Transport and 2 DD.  Didn’t phase Japan at all- and India has no ships.  A “fleet-in-being” in the Indian ocean forces the Japanese to split up their fleet a little. 
    #2 Even with a G1, Russia has time- especially if it is taking Iraq and tactically retreating, avoiding the big stack battle.  The bigger threat in the early rounds is Pacific victory, so the USA should spend 75-80% of its $$ in the Pacific. 
    #3 Don’t stack Gibraltar SZ until you can hold it and land troops in Gibraltar if Italy looks like it can take it.  As the UK, concentrate on holding Africa after a sealion looks unlikely.
    #4 As UK, slowly build up a fleet at Canada- Thos Gerrman Subs laround the UK are annoying, but its more annoying to lose your fleet piecemeal.

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