• My gaming buddies and I were thinking of novel ways to counter a J1 OOB. One idea we had was to put pressure on northern China and Korea using the 18 russian infantry in the east. Japan starts with 4 infantry in Korea; and 6 infantry, 1 artillery, 1 mech, 1 AAA, 2 fighters, and 2 tac bombers in manchuria. This is too much for the 18 infantry to overcome in general. But, what if Russia flies their starting air force over? By turn 3 the USSR will have 18 infantry, 2 fighters, and 1 tac bomber in position to invade Manchuria or Korea. My theory is that this would create an emergency for japan and divert forces from the south thus buying more time for India. Ideally stalling the J1 enough for the allies to overcome without losing India. Has anyone tried this? would you be too worried that moving those 2 fighters and 1 tac bomber away from west Russia would weaken Russia too much to resist Germany? What if this is done with a successful taranto raid and strat bombing Germany by USA such that Germany has more pressure on it? Thanks!

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    Hi frankmac4,

    As an experienced G40 player, I’m convinced that since 2012 we have seen most Strategic Options in OOB Global 1940 here on the forum - as well as on our own Game Tables at home.

    Including your suggestion.

    The best way to find out is: try it multiple times - and see what happens on average.

    The OOB G40 is heavily unbalanced in favor of the Axis. Most players therefore use modifications in the set up - and House Rules.

    You might want to check out the House Rules Section on this forum - you’ll also find a Strategy Guide for G40 under this section.

    Good luck & have fun:+1:

  • If Russia sends its air force east, it will have virtually no counterattack ability if Germany leaves a juicy target. If Russia is purely on the defensive and staring at a German stack that trudges a space at a time toward Moscow, that is not only boring but could be played more strategically. Having those planes ready to pair with some artillery and whatever else to take out little valuable stacks of German units (if left out in the open) is a better use IMHO. Also their defense can prove very useful in some swingy battles (Moscow for sure and maybe even Leningrad, depending on what the Germans sent north.) So would it help in the east? Sure. Not sure its a price I’m willing to pay, though, unless Germany is going Sealion.

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    I’ve never played J1 (or any Japanese declare war first strategy), so I’m not sure about that. The main problem is if Japan doesn’t do J1, they can wipe out the Soviets if they leave the eastern armies in Amur.

    What is smart though, is sending forces to China. All it takes is British support from India driving northwards and Soviet tanks, mechanised infantry, and aircraft moving eastwards to totally defeat the Japanese army. It’s surprising how only 2 tanks, 2 fighters, and 1 tactical bomber can do in the vast fields of China, where Japan doesn’t have much to counter. Sometimes, only one or the other is required to tip the balance towards the Allies. The Japanese air force, whilst formidable, against decent Allied players cannot hope to bomb enough land units to make a difference.

    Such a major difference in the war can be achieved by only a few units when those same exact forces would just disappear under Germany.

  • @frankmac4 you best help China by sending some fast movers to Yunnan to boost Chinese defensie.

  • @cornwallis

    What I think too.

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