• Ok Peeps im just here to see if anyone would have a nice strat for helping the atlantic ATM it is me and my friend vs two other friends, i am controlling america, anzac, china and france where as my ally is UK, India and russia, so far as Anzac i have taken java and have moved most of my planes and all of my ships there too, india has done the same, we then placed blockers so japan cant hit java or swing around toward calcutta, america is on its way with about 4 planes and a medium sized navy to hold onto java … this is because on anzacs next go i will put an airbase on java, while this is happening i am sending another medium sized navy with transports to land on russia to push through to china this is because japan has mostly ignored china and india and went through the back of russia… and mostly lost all of its fodder aka men and cant continue its attacks with just planes.

    i feel i have the pacific in order but the atlantic is being massacred by italy and germany as germany has moved into russia and on turn 2 cairo was taken as the UK player made a premature attack and failed, germany has a decent navy, taken france (taken france on turn 1) and italy has about 35 ipcs, the english navy was wiped from the med and its atlantic navy was wiped on turn 1, It is rebuilding atm just wondering if there is some strat that helps people comeback from such a hit as russia is being squeezed i donno if it can hold on long enough for america to take japan and move on.

    i was thinking maybe a mass transports and a big navy on atlantic with america and england combined and land in russia to back them up or to take back gibraltar stop the italian navy from coming out of the med then try D day and landing in france?? any suggestions?     i have taken into consideration that landing allies in russia will forfiet their +5 for having allies within russia but i think forfieting the +5 is fine because the amount of men etc uk and america will land with wont matter … not sure if im playing different rules from you guys or not but any help would be much appreciated (on a side note i do have a medium sized navy as america hanging around the atlantic and its turn 3 ATM or turn 4 i cant remember, also the reason for air base on java is to persuade japan that taking the dutch islands etc will be a costly idea and once america arrives java will be untakable for japan as they havnt done damage to china or india and the burma road is open so to be honest japans ground war is failing)  😄

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I can’t read that.

  • A Russian squeeze almost always works, halfway descent axis play should see Moscow fall on turn 6 or 7. And I havent see anyone come up with a counter for it excpet to hope the axis make lost of mistakes. If Germany has been building navy (as you said he has a decent navy) then you may be able to turtle as russia to buy time, but it seems like Moscow will fall.

  • i see though japan has 1 tank and 1 mech left to advance on russia as the japanese men were wiped out when they attacked the russian back door no more men other than them are advancing and russian might sacrifice 2 planes to fly over and try and kill them. cheers for the reply and sorry peeps if its hard to read … i went on a writing spree and didnt realise it was so hard to look at =P

  • Focus on getting a landing flotilla in SZ91 with units on Gib/Morocco.  You can threaten Rome at this point which makes Italy react in funny ways.  Remember that Germany can blitz units from Wgr through N.Italy, so if you can take both N.Italy and Rome on the same turn you give yourself an opportunity to purchase some reinforcements and possibly land a second flotilla of reinforcements in Rome before Germany’s garrison can reach you (if they even have Arm there).

    Alternatively, you can ignore Rome and just go after Egypt which is way outside of German influence if they are bogged down attacking Moscow.  Once Egypt is permanently out of Italy’s hands you can consider France and Rome.  One thing to note, it is also worth the loss if you can suicide a landing onto Wgr to demote the Major IC there down to a Minor.

    Realize its also possible to have the UK spend 14 IPC / turn getting 1 Inf, 1 Art, 1 TT in S.Africa that is a single move from Egypt to assist/reinforce an allied landing there.  Those TT are generally way outside the influence of Axis aircraft and can join up landings on either side of Africa.  Canada’s Minor can also get you that same unit setup into SZ91 if you can’t afford to protect ships placed in the UK (just put aircraft there that can then fly down to Gib).

    All is not lost if Moscow falls, things just become much more interesting and micro as it comes down to denying the Axis Egypt until you swing the momentum back to the Allies.

  • TripleA

    I think you guys are too afraid of sea lion.

    uk should always sink 97 and the dd /transport off malta.

    buy all inf to defend against sea lion, but all your air should roll out. so what if uk gets taken? it is hard for germany to keep it. If germany buys naval russia buys artillery off minors and mech for russia. ALWAYS. so you roll up to romania when london goes. get +9 in bonuses plus the german value of the territories. makes up for uk being dead big time.

    plus usa can buy bombers off east usa, which means japan can’t go to war round 2 or 4-5 bombers land on UK (this cannon fodder delays the sea lion or makes the odds really bad for taking uk like somewhere under 50% range… and usually if he wins he has a tank and a couple air units left only… this makes things so much easier for usa to liberate uk and russia to push the aggression). If Japan delays war, you don’t have to do anything in the pacific for another 3 rounds because india and anzac will have enough bankroll to take care of themselves.

    say he does sea lion and take uk over and has a tank and bomber left despite your bomber reinforcement. you split income between pac and atlantic just fine and you have a clear and easy objective being liberating uk. Russians can also make a push for rome.

    enough air survives off 97 and you can hold egypt for awhile. it is awesome.

    as far as what usa does when uk survives and germany goes barb like in most games (since it is the most optimal strategy for axis). sz 97 and africa is your first priority. if you can defend egypt, drop a minor and italy can never dream of taking it.

    provide uk with fleet. medit sea fleet first. merge with uk if you have to, but in the end it gets parked in sz 97.  the second fleet is so uk can drop normandy / holland.

    fly air into russia if you can. use bombers to bomb airbase off rome if needed or clear stragglers in africa so the russian mech or tank and just roll over original italy territories in africa (+3 national objective for russia for each one).

    Then you think about transports and dropping guys. Usually it is a kamehameha wave instead of a shuffle on giant blast that threatens rome and if germany moves into defend it you can possibly hit west germany and hold that instead.

  • Thanks for the insight peeps its always handy to have multiple strats to choose or intagrate i think i may actually go for egypt. by building transports etc down by south africa 😃 and i may try somthing different on the next game for uk  because iv never actually seen a russian push  as our german players will more than likly do the same moves because its a sound strat.

  • TripleA

    if your german players are attacking uk, buy all bombers with usa on the first round. This will make japan postpone his declaration of war (or 5 bombers fly into the united kingdom to defend it).

    Trust me the 5 bombers make a huge difference in the battle for UK, because it is cannon fodder and sometimes you can get a hit with it (say germany gets 10 hits only and you lose AA guns and bombers, you still have all your other units rolling)

    IF japan does not go to war on round 2, uk pacific and anzac will have all the dutch islands and make serious money to defend themselves with, so you won’t have to buy anything for pacific for awhile.

    you may think the bombers to be somewhat useless in this scenario, but it bought you a round before japan blow up so think of it as free units, they can attack italians in africa, sometimes if you are feeling gutsy with russia fly in to defend russia when they are holding yugoslavia. you can fly fighters in off of carriers when russia then pushes to northern italy… after that you can take rome over with russia… (this is super funny and super GG for axis when it happens).

    If your german players are always doing sea lion and united kingdom play, I highly recommend 6 artillery rest mechanized infantry for russia round 1, follow that with all mech round 2 with russia (+1 tank because you saved 1 ipc round 1 so you have 38 so all mech and a tank). You can make the push for rome, it is fun.

    Round 2 with usa I suggest pulling a bunch of air from pacific to atlantic. drop 3 carriers and a destroyer. Blam you got an instant atlantic fleet. push that out and who cares if germany attacks it, you can afford to lose a bunch of naval and you can counter with bombers and your last round’s buy, you can fly that into italy with the russian push.

    germany can’t defend northern italy and berlin. his option is to attack if he wants to save rome, usually usa / uk air with all that russian mech… makes a very bad day for germany if he attacks (depending on his casualties in taking london).

    Be aggressive as allies. It is more fun.

    There is a reason why people don’t actually follow through with sea lion now, especially when allies are crazy.

  • I think your german player is amazing and you have no hope of victory  8-)

  • @BulwFi:

    I think your german player is amazing and you have no hope of victory  8-)

    hes alright but still has much to learn  8-)

  • @Gargantua:

    I can’t read that.

    You should have gone to specsavers

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