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94Canuck's Global 1940 Alpha +3 Setup Charts and Game Aids

  • TripleA

    EDIT: April 27th, 2012 - Updated:  NO Chart - USSR NO #1.  UK Setup Chart:  Added units to France.  Please check for accuracy.
    EDIT: April 26nd, 2012 - Updated:  NO Chart - Germany NO #2.  Tech Chart - Updated Rockets image to reflect Air Base instead of AA Gun.  Please check for accuracy.
    EDIT: April 22nd, 2012 - Updated:  Setup Charts, NO Chart, and Tech Charts to reflect current rule version Alpha 3.9.  Headings on charts remained as Alpha 3 so as not to be confused.  Data pulled from latest post on Larry’s site.  Please check for accuracy.
    ***EDIT: December 31st, 2011 - Updated NO Chart to reflect USA NO from November 17th. ***

    Hello everyone, here are updated charts for the recently finalized Alpha +3 ruleset for Global 1940. These are similar to the Alpha +2 I previously posted.

    I like a simplistic approach to the aids. I always disliked how to many things were jammed into one chart so I tried to keep it simple.

    Lastly, all of these have been designed around a 8.5 x 11 (Letter) size so no funky paper needed. Any suggestions please post here

    One more thing, don’t use the photobucket files, they are reduced and lower quality, use the mediafire links below.



    PNGS (Better quality, bigger files):Alpha +3 PNG Files

    JPEGS (Good quality, smaller files): Alpha +3 JPEG Files


  • GREAT JOB!!! ALPHA+2 may take a back seat nice    Tanks!

  • Canuck, I just want to say good job! I have been using your setup charts and game aids for my games since you started posting them and I appericate the time and effort you but into making them, Thank you  :mrgreen:

  • Every bit as excellent as I expected. Thanks again for all your work.

  • Thanks canuck, great work!

    I think you forgot to include the top image with the mediafire link though…

  • TripleA

    It is in there now.

  • Canuck you do nice work I used your alpha 2 but I am going to wait to use these because a alpha 4 appears right around the corner.

  • These will be the last set I need 🙂 I’m all done with the rule changes, setup changes and the nitpicking. Game set, match.

  • Canuck, great job on these.  Very Professional.

    I do have one observation.  You forgot Italy’s SZ 96 with 1 Destroyer and 1 Transport.

    Thanks again,


  • Canuck, could you please update your great NO-Chart? Official Alpha+3-Rules say now:

    11/17/11 US NO change: 5 IPCs for each turn that the US has at least one land unit in the territory “France”. Theme: Great Alliance collaboration

    Thank you  🙂

  • TripleA

    Files updated.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Great Work!  When is Larry going to hire you for the Job?

  • Great Job! But you still forget to correct the Italian Setup with Sz 96 -> 1 Destroyer and 1 Transport. Perhaps you will update it?!

  • Thanks for the effort that you have put into these - they are fantastic!

    Just wondering what people do with these exactly once they are printed?  Do you back them onto card and then laminate them?  Or do you just order them to be printed off on the internet straight onto extra thick card?  Thanks.

  • 2017 2016 Customizer


    Thanks for the effort that you have put into these - they are fantastic!Â

    Just wondering what people do with these exactly once they are printed?  Do you back them onto card and then laminate them?  Or do you just order them to be printed off on the internet straight onto extra thick card?  Thanks.

    I print them off and laminate them. Rules and score card get taped down on my game table off the right side of the board map.

    Thanks again 94Canuck! I really do appreciate and enjoy your work!

  • any chance you can release the charts and aids for the OOB version of global 1940 ? ><

  • '12

    These are great!! Thanks for updating them.  🙂

    The only errors I can see are (the previously mentioned) missng italian ships in SZ 96 and the battle board should read “One Die per Plane” instead of “One Dice”.  The new AA gun limits are not mentioned, but I don’t really think that is necessary to add.

    Again, these are awesome!

  • would it be possible that to add the political situation onto the set up charts for each nation ?

  • Thanks for making these! They’re a huge help setting everything up and keeping track of NOs.

    Noticed one additional (albeit small) error: The order of play is correct on all of your charts with the exception of the tech research one. ANZAC is still before Italy.

    Once again, very nit picky detail. Thank you again!

  • So as of now these are the most updatedest?

    As in, if I printed the Alpha+3 rules today and these today the NO’s and setup would match up?

  • What is the proper set up for the Italian navy, I see where S.Z. 97 shows 1 Cruiser, 1 Battleship, 1 Transports. I thought I read somewhere were it was 2 Transports but I cant seem to find it. We have been using 2 because its plural, if anyone could set it strait please do

  • 2018 2017 2016 2015 '14 Customizer

    According to larry’s setup its 1 Transport in 97. Thats what we just played.

  • 2018 2017 2016 2015 '14 Customizer

    1 tranny each in 95,96,97 sea zones.

  • Cool tanks, I wonder if we could get 94 Canuck’s to redo the Italian card, We have been omitting the boats in 95, their not on the card, i hope that in a week or two it will be straitened out and have been double checked so that it is 100% accurate
    Tanks S.A.

  • oops I meant 96 not 95, I keyed it in wrong
    Tanks again

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