Global game tournament rules 1942 setup - where to find?

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    Hi guys,

    saw a global game setup at origins that did not start 1940.

    The setup was for a 1942 situation and it looks great. Asked the guys there and they told me, this is for tournament gaming and skip the first three turns.

    Where can I find the rules?

    Searched but couldn’t find them.

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    Thank you very much, mattsk.

    We have to try this with the game group.  🙂

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    It makes a refreshing change. I am sure you will all enjoy it.
    Some of us have played it on line.
    The Allies should win, but I would not suggest a bid for the Axis. Just presume it is an uphill struggle as them (and a foregone, historical, conclusion).
    Watch Japan. Go Pacific as the US.

  • Is there a TripleA map for this?

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    Yes. Need the latest (1805 is it?) version and you will have it then.
    If you are having problems, feel free to download one of the games we have played. You can find some in the Team Games thread.
    Have fun!

  • TripleA

    As the allies, you must go full pacific. Japan will take India round 3 or 4 at the latest. There is very little you can do about it.

    You need swift resolution in the pacific before you can begin to apply pressure in the Atlantic. Luckily UK can hold the middle east for awhile and Russia starts before Germany so it is easier to hold out longer.


    Still if you are playing without bids, the axis have a huge advantage. Once Germany holds east poland is when Italy or Germany can start bombing Russia and it will hurt so bad. Losing India puts Japan 1 vc from victory so USA presence in the atlantic is very limited.

    Expect to lose the game as the allies. Europe is roll your face on the board do whatever things will happen.

    This is a Pacific map.

    Going Atlantic just makes the European axis defend against you…. and then next thing you know Japan is making more money than USA and GG.

    So basically you are racing the Pacific against Europe. Can Germany get to Russia before Japan is unable to contest islands stops making USA money. Can you do it in time? That is the game.

  • Just played this version and it played out just as Cow described with an a Axis win when Japan crushed India. That being said, the 1942 version of Global is the only way to go.  Way shorter game and all players are in the action right away.  Might consider an allied bid next game but probably need to play it a few more times to know for sure.

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    Keeping everyone involved in the game while speeding it up is a win-win.

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    This should be a sticky thread.

  • I agree with Young Grasshopper that this should be a sticky or maybe its own board:

    Axis & Allies Global 1942!

    Try this version and you may never go back to 1940  😄

  • this sounds interessting! i agree that the axis and allies version takes way too long. would it be possible to have a a&a 1941 version?
    i have the feeling that the germans and italian do not have any real chance to win.

  • Major Payne have you tried the Global 42 version?  I don’t think a 41 version (round 2 start?) is necessary, as you might as well play 40.  42 is all players jump into the action right away (in 1940 the US and USSR players can be bored out of their skulls until round 4).  Basically 1942 is a round 4 starting point.

    I also find the Europe side set up is a pretty even match for axis versus allies.

  • Any reason why UK starts with control of Celebes?

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