What is the Difference between D-Day version 1 and D-Day version 2?

  • Gents, Does anybody know what the difference is between D-Day version 1 and D-Day version 2?  i am seeing many copies of both for sale. but do not know the difference between them.



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    I think its 2 different colors of UK. I have 2 sets of colors of UK. Tan and white. Thats what I got when I bought both versions.

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    I think the Germans were a different color too. One set was dark black and other was i little lighter in black. Got 2 different blockhouse colors. Man I was pissed when bought 2nd set. I needed more infrantry for Uk and Germany for IL’s WW2 game that starts with 600 pieces. I try not to use chips if I can. Ended up buying like 2000 pieces of each kind of piece on e bay couple years ago. because I also needed Russian infrantry and tanks. That was nice got like 100 infrantry for each country and all the tanks you needed and ships. Just waiting for Coach and FMG to come up with the L crusiars, L AC, tankers,air transporters for game with the added pieces. also pacific sold Japan as red as well but use them for neutrals do to needed ships. painted rest.

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