New transport and storage system in the works

  • So I am an avid wargamer, A&A to Warhammer. I found a company called battlefoam ( who make awesome carrying cases for warhammer and other such games, and have been very happy with the high quality, durability and protection offered. So I decided to approach them on a case designed for G40, since other options are either to bulky or heavy in my opinion. I waited a week, but finally received a response, and this is it:

    "spoke with my Design team and Battle Foam is currently in the works with a design. I do not have any more information or dates, but I would keep updated on our website and social networking sites.

    Hope this helps and thank you for your patience,"

    Just wanted to let you all in on this, as posting on their forums and such that you areinterested may speed this up, and they do good video intros to all their products so you can see the quality of their other cases.

  • Awesome! Will look into this product when it is released.

  • I’ll just use the boxes that came with the game. :?

  • If it’s a good quality case I’d probably get a G40 one.

  • Maybe the could make foam trays that fit inside the storage boxes that come with the game.  Kind of like the storage trays that came with AA Classic.

  • I don’t like ‘foam’ per se. However, They do make the more dense foam that is a bit more sturdy.

    Perhaps they could make them so they fit inside the setup box covers with 3 compartments, then provide a foam sleeve to protect the maps and make the whole thing for transport together with AA logos on the outside

  • I would like mine with wheels…and a beverage cooler (the foam should make nice insulation) :-D

  • The largest model comes with wheels for the warhammer ones they sell……

  • @Plasticdeathbydice:

    I would like mine with wheels…and a beverage cooler (the foam should make nice insulation) :-D


  • I think a case with foam would work nice if they use 1 inch or maybe 2 inch foam, and have areas for infantry, art, etc, so you dont need to pick through a little box and have a tray for each country. Also an area for the board to be between foam and inside the hard case to avoid damage would be nice.

  • cant wait for something like this to come out

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