• My experiences so far….

    1. Played 6 Games, online.  Axis won them all.  Hmmm…  I am 3-3.  Two players were ringers and schooled me, hard.  Learned the most from them.

    2. All my victories have been with Axis.  All my losses with Allies. Allied bids have been around 10-13.  They have not meant squat.  Granted, this is a small sample size and maybe my skill with the allies is just not there yet.

    3. I suspect allies will lose a lot, even securing an 18-21 bid. Nobody has gotten a bid so high, yet.

    4. One dominant strategy is driving the Axis victories…How to defend against it?  Not sure…

  • Hi Galendae, it is tough being a newbie in this very unforgiving game. Let me guess the strategy? Germany bum-rushing Russia and taking Moscow before the other Allies can get in range to help. Right? There are plenty of players still trying to figure that one out as well. Practice a lot and work out a strategy that works and fits your style of play. Playing the Allies is a real tightrope act for sure! The Taranto raid and Battle of Tobruk by the London-English on turn 1 will certainly help neuter the Italians in the Med and start you in the right direction! Good Luck!

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