What are some good strategies for newer players?

  • I have recently got a group of new players together. I am quite new as well. Are there any simple strategies that newer players can learn?

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    Gonna have to be more specific. Which version of Axis and Allies?

  • @colt45554 1940 Second edition

  • @anzacguy It is the global version

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    @anzacguy best strategy imo is not to get too drunk lol

    Here are some



    Allies mostly reactive but there’s a thread where some have tried to address it. Have to look for it

  • @barnee Thanks, and I’ll try not to be. 🙂

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    @anzacguy heh heh meant myself just toi be clear 🙂

  • @barnee I think it applies to everyone.

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    The Allied “playbook” thread is here

    I’m sure I’ll get some negative feedback for this…but that thread rambles. It’s long and much of it is counterproductive arguments since as there are often unstated assumptions in each person’s post that cause confusion.

    Bottom line: it’s hard to definitively say what is best for allies other than defend initially until you can get your forces mobilized.

    Best option is just to play several games and try out some of the strategies. It is just a game…win some …lose some.

    Yeah its Friday, I’ll have a beer.

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    Yeah, the Allied strategy is hard to prescribe as the Axis decide the direction the game goes, best way is to just get some games under the belt. I have some sugestions, based on the few games I’ve played, which are hopefully are easy to follow. I’m not very experienced though, so these tips may be sub-optimal.

    1 Avoid losing units, focus on gradually pulling back and defending Moscow.
    2 Build defensively (infantry, maybe mechanised infantry in Leningrad so they can get back to Moscow when needed).
    3 Pull infantry back from the far east and try to keep Moscow until they arrive.

    1 Put most of your IPCs into the Europe side.
    2 Get transports shuttling troops across to Morocco and have enough navy to protect them. Push the Italians out of North Africa.
    3 Threaten landings on mainland Europe to force Germany to spend defensively and ease the pressure on Russia.

    1 Be careful of leaving units in range of Japan’s air units, and be sure to protect your one fighter.
    2 Take out any Japanese land units you reasonably can, they are hard for Japan to replace initially, but focus on staying alive for as long as you can.

    1 Try to deny Italy income. Attack Italy’s African territories where reasonable (e.g. Ethiopia), and stop it from getting objectives.
    2 Concentrate whatever navy remains after German and Japanese attacks, try to get control of the Atlantic and Med to help move troops.
    3 Keep hold of key territories (e.g. Egypt and India) and if you push out from these be wary of being outflanked by transports and losing them.

    1 Your income is limited, if possible grab an objective or one of the Dutch East Indies to boost it.
    2 If Japan comes after you early then defend as long as you can as it keeps their ships and planes out of position.
    3 Otherwise annoy them as much as possible, keep grabbing Dutch East Indies islands and forcing them to invest units in takling them back.

    1 Stay out of the way and enjoy the ride!

    If you are playing a VC game then keep an eye on the VC count, if Moscow falls make sure to hold Egypt, if India falls make sure to hold Sydney and Hawaii.

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