Has anyone compared AAG map with ILs 39 global map?

  • reposting  still waiting for more responses thank you

  • Reposting wasn’t necessary. You can still follow your previous thread by clicking the link and people can post under it in House Rules.


  • I have not even compared the two. My intention was not to make global 39 as an anticipated version of AAE40, but a new version using all the best ideas at this time from both past versions and KISS house rules.

    Of course i took into account the various trends in house rules and common complaints regarding AA50 and AAp40 as well as How people responded to what was known regarding AAE40 as per the fact sheet.

    And yes this is going to house rules…

  • General situation:
    Germany starts at war against Poland, France and England. Italy is neutral until they activate earlier, or when Paris Falls (defeat of France). Italy can attack neutrals and avoid a general war, but cannot enter or fly over British or French territories.

    Victory Conditions:
    6 major capitals and 42 strategic cities are represented. Capitals count as 5 points, strategic cites each worth 1 point.

    Axis Requirements:
    Germany and Italy need 24 points and one Capital to win.  Germany and Italy have combined victory conditions.

    Japan needs 18 points in any manner.

    Allied Requirements:
    Soviet Union must take Berlin and a total of 24 points to win. In 1939 they start with 15 points, so Berlin and 4 others

    UK needs Rome and 24 Points to win. They also need to have either UK or USA controlling Paris. They start with 15 points in 1939.

    USA needs Tokyo and 24 Points to win. They start with 7 in 1939.

    Note: in all cases you have to control the 24 points for a complete turn to win.

  • I can only tell you what i know. I cant compare it with AAE because AAE is not out yet. I have no idea what or how that will be. This is not a redo of 1940. Its more like AA50 advanced with new ideas. I would compare it to that.

    The only ideas i took from AAP40 are the 2 new units ( with some changes) and the new factories ( minor and major)

    Your question is regarding the map and again how can you compare them? Mine is based on AA50. The sea zones are the same. Go look. The land territories are not from AAP, but rather old published maps of the 1930’s and 1940’s

    If it turns out that my Global 39 map is close to AAE40… we will have to see and it does not matter because this is not that game, but as i said based on AA50, except with more spaces and a different time frame and different rules.

  • first you move my thread, know you eliminated my last post. damn i must be good!
    but really, i think people who are spending this kind of money want the best game possible.not only is this a monetary investment but also an investment in time. a person needs to spend alot of time on an individual game to really learn it to get the most enjoyment out of it. i only want to invest my time and money in something worth while. that is why this thread is important and you should not shut it away by putting it where it doesnt belong.

  • Look: people complain when stuff that has house rules and people just start threads in any section they like. Thats not how it works around here. If anything has  house rules it does not go in the other forums. People can talk about it here just the same.

    I cant make exceptions to a standing rule even if its about my own house rules or a thread that is partially about that.

    Now if you compared AAE40 to say AA50 than you could post that thread in AAE40 forums, but not if it includes any house rules.

  • Why is Switzerland so large?

  • For aesthetic reasons, to maintain the integrity of the AA50 map. Swiss have a distinct neutral color and i don’t want it mixed into the other nations.

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