[Global 1940] Alternate Vichy Rules

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    At the end of the first full turn during which the Axis have captured Paris, the Axis must make an offer to the French player that names 1 or more French-controlled territories (e.g. Southern France and Syria) that would form the core of a proposed Vichy regime. The French player can then either accept the proposal (Option 1) or reject it by opting to either fight on as a guerrilla resistance (Option 2) or enter into a union with the British Empire (Option 3).


    Theme: France has accepted Germany’s surrender terms in order to maintain a measure of home rule for its remaining territories. The French Empire is largely dismantled and will eventually become absorbed by the Axis. Any country that invades France’s autonomous zone will suffer diplomatic penalties for kicking a proud country while it is already down.

    Territories: If France accepts the proposal, all of the territories offered by the Axis become part of Vichy France. These territories are considered true neutral. All other French-controlled territories become part of Occupied France, which is considered pro-Axis neutral. For example, if Germany offers Southern France, Algeria, and Syria as the territory of Vichy France, then those three territories would become true neutral, and all other French territories, including Morocco, Tunis, French West Africa, and French Equatorial Africa, would become pro-Axis neutral. Note that if France accepts the Axis surrender terms, then no territories ever become French again during the war. If the Allies (or Axis) gain control of a French territory, the territory is simply owned by whoever conquered it.

    Land and Air Units: Any non-French units in French territories at the time of their creation are destroyed. Likewise, any French land or air units outside of France are destroyed. However, any French land or air units that are already in Vichy French territories become part of the defending true neutral force, and any French or land or air units that are already in Occupied French territories become part of the available pro-Axis neutral force.

    Naval Units: French ships that are in a sea zone adjacent to at least one Vichy French territory also become true neutral forces that do not interfere with any country’s naval movements unless the country is trying to invade a Vichy French territory as part of that same movement. All other French ships are destroyed.

    Economy: Vichy France has no economy and does not contribute its income to any power. Pro-axis neutral territories will contribute income to the Axis as normal if and only if the Axis occupies those territories.

    Factories and Facilities: The surrender of the French government inspires the French Resistance, which may roll 1 die per turn to attempt to damage any factory or facility in any Vichy or Occupied French territory. On a roll of 1, 2, or 3, the die inflicts 1, 2, or 3 points of industrial damage. On a roll of 4 or more the die has no effect.


    Theme: Although the loss of Paris shatters France’s ability to maintain an industrial economy, the French people resolve to fight to the last man, and continue to support guerilla resistance throughout the French empire with the military assets that remain.

    Territories: If France chooses to fight on as an independent state despite the fall of Paris, then all territories remaining under French control become part of Free France. For the rest of the game, Free France is the only Allied power that can control originally French territories. Any territory liberated by the Allies (including Paris) immediately reverts to Free French control.

    Land and Air Units: All surviving French units continue to operate as normal.

    Sea Units: All surviving French units continue to operate as normal.

    Economy: Free France has no economy as such. Instead, it generates 1 infantry per turn for every 3 territories it controls (round up), including small tropical territories like French Guyana and the New Hebrides. These infantry can be placed in any French-controlled territories. In addition to these infantry, if Free France controls Paris, it may deploy 1 fighter to Paris. Finally, if Free France would be entitled to deploy 3 or more infantry, then instead of deploying any infantry, it may deploy 1 transport, 1 submarine, or 1 destroyer, which can deployed in any sea zone adjacent to a Free French territory worth 1 IPC or more. Reinforcements may not be saved from turn to turn; they must be deployed or lost each turn.

    Factories and Facilities: All French factories and facilities are totally destroyed upon the formation of the Free French government. They may be rebuilt for the normal cost by occupying powers, following normal rules for building new factories or facilities.


    Theme: France has accepted Churchill’s offer to create a unified Anglo-French Empire that will represent both nations and continue the fight against the Axis until Paris can be liberated.

    Territories: All remaining French-controlled territories immediately become controlled by the UK. French Indochina, French Madagascar, and the New Hebrides would be considered UK Pacific territories and contribute to the UK Pacific economy. All other territories would be considered UK Europe territories and contribute to the London economy.

    Land and Air Units: All French land and air units in territories that already have at least one British land unit are converted to their British equivalents. E.g., a French artillery becomes a British artillery. All other French units are destroyed.

    Sea Units: All French sea units in territories that already have at least one British ship or that are in a sea zone adjacent to a British naval base are converted to their British equivalents. E.g., a French destroyer becomes a British destroyer. All other French units are destroyed.

    Economy: All formerly French territories contribute income to the British economy as if they were original British territories.

    Factories and Facilities: All French-controlled factories and facilities become British-controlled.

    French Cabinet Members: If, at the end of any of its turns, Britain controls less than 7 original French territories on the global map before Paris is liberated, Britain suffers a -5 IPC penalty to its UK Europe income. This is a sort of reverse national objective. Britain gets the money for the French territories, but if it fails to act as a successful steward for those territories, then it will be penalized by low morale and internal dissent.

    Liberation of Paris: If Paris is, at any point, liberated by the Allies, then all original French territories permanently revert to French control, along with all factories and facilities in French territories. In addition, the Allied player must select up to 4 British infantry and convert them into French infantry. As many of these 4 ifantry as possible must be located in original French territories. The French economy is revived as an independent entity.

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    What’s wrong with the Vichy rulesin BM3 which are regularly played?

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    What�s wrong with the Vichy rulesin BM3 which are regularly played?

    Nothing. This is just another option.

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