My Fairly Big List of House Rules for Global 1940

  • Good afternoon, sitting down to watch RGIII hopefully torch Seattle, so I got some time to kill and I figure this is the a good time to post some of the rules we use in our games around here. Many of these were adapted or outright copied from other people or lists, so to be clear I am not claiming that I invented all of these. If you thought of one or more of these that I copied, thanks for the idea! It has made our games more fun. I will also admit that the tech system is outright copied, but we really liked it so didn’t change much.

    There are 4 sections (sometimes when feeling nuts we use all of them)
    NA’s, Unique units, Tech, Russian bonus chart.

    National Advantages: The main focus I would say is to get tanks and mechs bought more by more powers. Balance is not the first priority and is probably not very close to being achieved (we barely care who wins, usually very casual).

    General Procedure: At the start of the game, in turn order, roll to determine which NA you get. Then, start over and pick 1 from each. (sometimes we also do it where Allies get an additional one each game round if it seems axis had it too easy last time or if there is need of a handicap).

    1. Partisans:
    Once during each of your purchase units phases, you may spend 5 IPC to place 2 infantry in any one red territory on the Europe map under Axis control. These units are treated like they made a combat move into that territory, but may only retreat if your land units move in too.
    2. Russian Winter
    Once per game, at the end of your turn, you may declare a severe winter. All your infantry in red territories defend at +1 until the end of your next turn.
    3. T-34 Program
    Once per turn during your purchase phase, you may buy 2 tanks for a total of 9 IPC. You may still buy more tanks at the normal price.
    You may buy conscripts for 2 IPC each. You can mobilize them in any red territory you controlled since the start of your turn, but you may not place more in a territory per turn than its IPC value. They count as infantry, except they attack at 0 (1 with artillery) and defend at 1.
    5. Tank Transportation
    Your infantry may move 2 if paired with a tank. They may not blitz doing this.
    6. Guard Tank Regiments
    Your Tanks on Leningrad, Stalingrad, or Moscow defend at 4.

    1. Montgomery
    At the start of the game, select one of your tanks. The tank attacks and defends at 5. UK tanks in battle with this unit attack and defend at 4. (this is probably the most overpowered of them all)
    2. RAF Efficiency
    Collect 2 IPC when you place a newly purchased fighter on London.
    3. Colonial Garrison
    At the start of the game, you may choose to remove the Major IC in India. Replace it with a Minor IC in India, West India, and Egypt.
    4. Night Raids
    Your strategic and tactical bombers may conduct night strategic bombing raids. They are still subject to anti-air, but enemy fighters cannot intercept. Roll two dice and take the lower result when determining damage. Night raids and normal raids may not be done in the same territory on the same turn. If you have Heavy Bombers, strategics roll 1 die.
    5. Canadian Reinforcements
    Each time you place a non-infantry unit at a Canadian IC, collect 2 IPC.
    6. The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire
    You may mobilize (for free) one infantry per turn at a port, airbase, or victory city that you control that is not London.

    1. Liberty Ships
    For every three transports you purchase on a single turn, you may mobilize one extra transport at the end of your turn for free.
    2. US Marines
    You may buy US Marines for 4 IPC each. They are exactly like infantry except they may not be used as paratroopers and attack at +1 on amphibious assaults. You may replace 4 infantry on the Pacific map with Marines at the start of the game. Marines on islands defend at 3.
    3. Patton
    At the start of the game, select 1 tank. It attacks and defends at 5. You may place 1 tank you have purchased on this unit’s land territory during your place units phase.
    4. Manhattan Project
    USA achieves a tech breakthrough on a roll of 5 or a 6. (Still only 1 possible per turn)
    5. Battleship Salvage
    If you are at war and control Hawaii, once per game at the end of your turn you may spend 12 IPC to place one Battleship in SZ 26
    6. “Second Front”
    If the US and USSR are both at war with Germany, and the end of your turn, you may spend  6 IPC to roll 1 die. Add that many IPC to USSR’s cash on hand.

    Minor Allies
    1. United Front
    Once per game during his purchase units phase, the Chinese player may declare a united front. Chinese infantry are 2 IPC this turn. You may not buy more than 10 infantry this turn.
    2. Peasant Army
    Once at the end of each round of combat in which you are defending, you may remove 1 surviving Chinese infantry and collect 3 IPC.
    3. New Zealand Assistance
    ANZAC may mobilize one unit per turn at New Zealand as if you had a complex there. If you do have a complex there, you may place one extra unit there per turn.
    4. Australian Toughness
    You may mobilize ANZAC infantry you purchased in originally ANZAC territories without a complex, up to the IPC value of the territory. The first time Japan attacks an originally ANZAC territory, you may place 2 infantry there for free.
    5. Maquis Revolt
    Once per game, during France’s combat move phase, you may place 3 infantry in a French territory in Europe under Axis control.
    6. Free French
    If Paris is captured by the Axis, at the end of France’s next turn place a minor IC in any French Territory under Allied control. This is your new capital (The capital returns to Paris if liberated). You may collect, buy, and place normally.

    1. Rockets
    Each of Germany’s undamaged airbases may make one rocket attack per turn at the end of Germany’s combat move phase. Each airbase may select one enemy industrial complex up to 4 spaces away. No complex may be attacked by more than one rocket per turn. Roll one die. Subtract 1. Assign that many damage markers to the targeted complex.
    2. Blitzkrieg
    You start the game with 1 extra tactical bomber in Berlin. Once per game, before your combat move, you may declare a blitzkrieg. Your Tactical bombers are immune to antiaircraft fire on that turn. For each set of exactly 1 infantry (or mechanized infantry), 1 tank, and 1 tactical bomber you have attacking a territory on that turn, each unit in that set attacks at +1 as long as the set is intact. This bonus does not apply to Soviet Victory Cities.
    3. Panther Tanks
    Once per round of combat, one of your tanks may reroll one miss. If your tank defending a battle rolls a 1, the opponent must select a tank as a casualty if possible.
    4. Panzerblitz
    If you have more tanks attacking a territory than the opponent has units defending, your tanks in that battle may each move one space in Noncombat Move if you destroy all enemy units in one round of combat, even if the tank already moved 2 spaces.
    5. U-Boat Program
    Choose one of the following: Each of your subs attack at +1 when paired with another sub. OR Once per game, during your purchase units phase, you may declare full-scale U-boat production. You may not build Battleships or Carriers, but whenever you place 3 or more subs on one turn, collect 6 IPC. You may choose to cancel full-scale production at any time, allowing carriers and battleships again.
    6. Atlantic Wall
    Allied warships bombarding Normandy, Netherlands, West Germany, Denmark, and Norway hit only on a 1. Each German artillery in the above territories being amphibiously assaulted may fire once at 2 into the sea zone from which at least one transport is unloading into the artillery’s territory, after the sea battle (if any), before bombardment. The allied player may select transports if desired, even if surface warships still remain. Subs and air units may not be selected.  Units hit may not bombard or unload. Artillery firing this way defend at 1 in the first round of land combat (if any) that turn.

    1. Rommel
    At the start of the game, Germany selects one of its tanks. It attacks and defends at 5. Germany may mobilize on this unit’s land territory 1 tank and/or mechanized infantry per turn that Germany had purchased during its purchase units phase. Once per game, Germany may noncombat move this character from Germany to Libya if both are under Axis control and has not moved this unit yet this turn.
    2. Afrika Korps/Minor Axis Assistance
    Germany may mobilize one infantry per turn in Libya if the Axis has owned it since the start of Germany’s turn as if you had a complex there. OR, at the end of Germany’s turn, Germany may place for free 1 infantry in Finland, Romania, or Bulgaria if Axis has owned it since the start of the turn.
    3. Lebensraum
    Germany may place a minor Industrial Complex in any originally German or Pro-axis territory where it is normally legal to do so. (Pro-axis clause is for a post-1940 setup if used)
    4. Axis Cooperation
    Italy and Germany may use each other’s transports as their own during noncombat movement if the movement occurs only in the Mediterranean.
    5. Fast Cruisers If, at the end of each opponent’s combat move phases, there is a battle (or an unloading transport) in a Mediterranean sea zone adjacent to a sea zone where Italy has a cruiser, the cruiser may move into that sea zone. (Multiple cruisers may do this per turn)
    6. Vittorio Vennetto Battleships
    Italian battleships roll two dice in the first round of combat, including when you are supporting an amphibious assault.

    1. Yamamoto
    At the start of the game, select one of your carriers. This unit takes 3 hits to destroy (2 hits to put out of commission). Fighters that take off from this carrier defend at 5 and attack at 4 for remainder of turn.
    2. Zero Aces
    At the start of the game, select 5 of your fighters. They may each reroll a miss once per round of battle (not during strategic bombing) They may not be replaced if lost.
    3. Thick Armor
    If, at the end of a round of combat, your battleship was assigned one or more hits, roll one die for each hit. Each roll of 1 or 2 cancels 1 hit.
    4. Grand Battleships
    Your undamaged battleships may choose to fire one roll at 4 or two rolls at 3 whenever they would fire in a sea battle or supporting an amphibious assault.
    5.Tokyo Express
    Each of your cruisers may carry 1 infantry just as a transport would. They may still bombard when unloading.
    6. Imperial Marines
    You may purchase Marine infantry for 5 IPC each (and may replace 5 infantry at the start of the game with Marines) Each of your Destroyers may act as a transport for one Marine. Marines attack at +1 on amphibious assaults, and may not be used as paratroopers.

  • Research and Development

    1. If you are at war and you control your capital, refer to the key at the top of the tech chart at the start of your turn to determine the number of dice you get (Add your income on the chart+the national objective income you would collect at this point together to determine the number)

    (The chart just has spaces where you can put the markers if you get a tech. The numbers we use are as follows:
    0-20= 0 Rolls 21-39=1 Roll 40-65=2 Rolls 66+= 3 Rolls)

    2. Roll dice. If a 6 is rolled, Roll an additional die to determine which tech you get. You get the tech on the “A” chart matching the number you roll. If you roll a number you already have on the “A” chart, you may pick from the “A” chart. If you already have all “A” techs, start with “B” in the same manner. (So you can’t get a B until you have all A, a C untill you have all B)

    1a. Radar: AA fires in opening round of Strategic bombing, at all attacking planes involved.
    1b. Intelligence: Choose at the start of each turn: Roll 1 extra tech die per turn OR 1 of your units may make a noncombat move at the start of your turn (If a carrier, planes aboard are treated as cargo).
    1c. Improved Radar: Your AA guns hit on a 2 in bombing raids and your airbases may scramble 1 extra plane.

    2a. Jet Fighters: Your fighters defend at 5 in combat and attack at 2 and defend at 3 on strategic bombing raids.
    2b. Improved Tactical Bombers: If your attacking tactical bomber rolls a 1, you may select the casualty (may not be a unique unit).
    2c. Improved Jets: Your fighters attack at 4 and boost tactical bombers to 5 instead of 4.

    3a. Improved Mechs: Each mechanized infantry and tank pair you buy costs 9 IPC. Mechs paired with a tank attack at 2.
    3b. Improved shipyards: Your ships are priced as follows: Sub: 5, Transport: 6, Destroyer: 7, Cruiser: 9, Carrier: 14, Battleship: 17.
    3c. Improved Aircraft Production: Your fighters, bombers, and tac bombers each cost -1 IPC.

    4a. Improved Submarines: Your subs defend at 2 and each enemy destroyer cancels the first strike of only 1 of your submarines.
    4b. Combined Bombardment: Destroyers now bombard at 2 and battleships and cruisers roll an extra die when bombarding (dice rolled still may not exceed unloaded units).
    4c. Heavy Bombers: Your strategic bombers attack at 5 and do 1 extra damage when raiding.

    5a. Airborne Regiments: Your bombers may transport 1 infantry (or 2 if you have heavy bombers) if both start in the same territory on your turn. The bomber must be on the territory in which it unloads. A bomber cannot roll combat dice on the same turn it transports infantry.
    5b. Long Range Aircraft: Your air units, including paratroopers, have +1 movement.
    5c. Paratrooper Divisions: Your infantry may move 3 spaces from your undamaged airbase as though they were air units. Each airbase may move 2 infantry per turn. The infantry are subject to AA fire as air units normally would be.

    6a. War Bonds: Roll 1 die at the end of each of your turns and collect that many IPC
    6b. Propaganda Program: You may attack 1 strict neutral per turn without the others aligning with your opponent. Add 1 to each of your war bond rolls.
    6c. Censorship: At the end of each of your turns, if you were eligible for a National Objective on your last turn that you are not eligible for this turn you may collect the IPC from ONE such objective per turn, even though you are not eligible.

  • Russian Bonus Chart (We felt Russia was steamrollered too easy and wanted to add some fun surprises)

    At the start of each Soviet turn (while Moscow is under Soviet control) roll two dice, add together, and execute the result that matches on the chart.:

    2: Officer Corps Purge: All your land units (except infantry) attack -1 in the first round of combat this turn.
    3: Rasputitsa: German and Italian tanks and mechs that start their moves in red territories may only move one space per turn until the start of your next turn
    4: Barrage: Each artillery you have may fire immediately at 1 into 1 adjacent enemy territory (if at war). (Each may target a different territory.)
    5: Economic Aid: Roll a die, add 2, and immediately collect that many IPC.
    6: Partisan Harassment: Place 2 infantry in any one or two red territory(ies) (even those under Axis control).
    7: Mass Tank Production: Place 1 tank on any factory under your control.
    8: Army Recruitment: This turn, for every 3 infantry you produce at ONE factory (your choice), you may place an extra infantry there for free (not included in capacity of factory)
    9: Surprise Air Raid: Each of your aircraft rolls 2 dice when attacking this turn (may hit twice).
    10: Mass Aircraft Production: You may buy up to 1 tactical bomber this turn for 5 IPC (More purchasable at normal price).
    11: Plentiful Steel: All your land units (except infantry) cost -1 this turn.
    12: 5-year plan:Roll twice more on this chart. (reroll double 1’s and double 6’s when rolling again in this way)

  • Here is the chart for special units we use. Note that most have a limit that can be on the board at one time. Most come from AA 1941, with the German Mech. Artillery being from Historical Board Gaming.

    | Name
    M. Art.
    Esc. Car.
    | Nation
    UK US J
    | Cost
    | Att
    | Def
    | Move
    | Limit
    | Special
    Art., Can blitz with tank, boosts inf or mech to 2.
    Tank, Rerolls 6’s when in battle.
    Tank, roll of 1 hits enemy tank if possible.
    Fighter, Attack 2 and Defense 3 in SBR’s
    Fighter, Decreases 1 enemy Fighter’s Aor D  by 1 in battle or raid.
    Bomber, does not add 2 to SBR rolls.
    Cruiser, Bombard at 4, fires up to 2 AA shots.
    Carrier, carries 1 fighter or tactical bomber.
    Cruiser, Bombards at 4.

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