• Have any of you checked out my modern day variant of the game? There is both an online version and board version. I could use some feedback as I am planning on making a second edition of it and can improve on the already very fun variant.


  • include cards.
    cards add additional elements and suprise to the game play.
    You could have different decks and players good chosse if they want politcal, economic or military cards

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    I could use some feedback as I am planning on making a second edition of it and can improve on the already very fun variant.

    Will the second edition include the two national piece colours which weren’t in the first one, and which were later supposed to come out as an expansion set?

  • Yes, a big change will be the piece colors and I hope to make the expansion pack and new version at the same time. Having cards is a very interesting idea, but the game has so much complexity to it already that I am not likely to expand into new areas like that.

    I think with some improved pieces and colors and a few rule tweaks it has to potential to be a very popular military game.

  • Well, I still stand by my earlier critiques on the previous thread… though it sounds like those are the kinds of things you’re contemplating changing.

    An additional thought along the same lines: Make your colors identical to one of the following options:

    A. A&A “SEMI-REALISTIC” UNIFORM COLORS (Advantage: look more “soldier-esque”)

    1. A&A MB + Revised Edition (using something close to the TT palette)  That gives you 8 colors and the opportunity for players to throw in both TT and a wide variety of A&A pieces for variety.  This might be especially useful as TT has some interesting pieces like the helicopter, APC, MLRS, etc.

    2. The A&A40 and/or FMG Pallette (by the time France, ANZAC, China & Italy are thrown in, you have 9 colors!)

    B. UNREALISTIC PRIMARY/ SECONDARY COLORS (Advantage: easily distinguished)

    3. The Fortress America Pallete: Since all these pieces are in the modern-futuristic category, going with this color pallete would give players some interesting “tech-upgrade” options… but only for four colors.

    4. The Civilization pallete: I like their tank and their infantryman, if not their planes & ships, and this pallete does give you 9 strong, basic colors.  In fact, I’d say make your infantry & tank more like them.  They have a good, modern basic look, they’re about the right size, and while the sculpting isn’t up to the latest, best standards (which FMG looks to be setting), they definitely have a less chintzy look and feel than your current version.  (Yes, I know you made them that small for playability reasons, but making them so small gives the impression of “cheapness,” deserved or not.)

    You also should replace that MB Battleship with something more modern, perhaps a Guided Missile Cruiser (CG or CGN).

  • Rick!

    Glad you posted here - first off, great game, and good luck in any future print runs.

    I really think your game will live and die by it’s plastic pieces - and my humble suggestion is to mirror the new Axis & Allies colors (From A&A Pacific 1940, and soon A&A Europe 1940). That gives plenty of color options, and it allows players to mix and match old and new warfare pieces.

    I will glad to be of service in helping you find good models for the pieces - I do like your overall map color scheme, maybe tweaking the countries a little bit to have China take a bigger role.

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