• Hello all,

    I discovered this variant in my basement after a half-decade of collecting dust. World War II in the West (and later, in the East) was developed by a guy out of Toronto, or Quebec City or somewhere, and when I bought it it retailed for about $75 CAN. The map consists of 16 sections which, combined, create a board four-feet by four-feet.

    Unfortunately, my group never got around to playing it and I have long lost the rule book (something like 30 pages or so). A determined search on the internet pulled up nothing about the variant (I forgot the creator’s name), but if there’s anywhere to get info, this is the place.

    Does anyone know how I can get ahold of this guy to get another rulebook, or does someone have one they wouldn’t mind sharing?

  • '10

    Can you show some pictures?

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