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Variant pieces

  • I’ve played A&A for many years beginning with first edition and about seven years ago I played with some players in NYC that had some different pieces not included in the game.  The pieces were all color coded for every nationality and included (if memory serves me) landing craft and cruisers.  I have never seen these pieces since and haven’t been able to track down any info on them on the internet.  Anybody  out there seen or remember these pieces (and any others that might be in use?) :?

  • just replying to myself because I realized that this is the wrong location for this question… oops 😐

  • I looked into it and yeah, Table Tactics produced the pieces because the landing craft looked exactly how I remember– the cruisers, though looked like they came from the Central Powers expansion set.  I got a tip on another thread about Xeno games A&A expansion which also contains variant pieces and the rules governing them.

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    Just buy a milton bradly edition of the game and use those pieces. Table tactics is not good quality molds. Only the fortress America rips are decent.

    Your would save money by getting c/c or ebay ghq.

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