Custom Europe Map & Rules

  • Hello everyone

    Some of you may know me vaguely from other boards, but I am at best an infrequent poster elsewhere.

    As luck would have it, I was just finished developing a custom Europe map when I heard about the A&A 1940 project. I thought I would finalize my efforts and post them to share, at least until the new version comes out. I’ll also allow myself the conceit that perhaps Larry or someone else takes a peek at these and decides to incorporate them into the new rules for these games.

    This zip contains four files (all PDFs):

    • Rules

    • Setup Charts

    • A multipage PDF for printing the map to tape/glue together

    • A onepage map for quick reference

    Many of these rules have been developed over the last 20 years of my experience with game. I try to keep my house rules clean and easy, in the spirit of the game. There are a lot more advanced rules I’ve thought of over time but generally believe that these need to be cut if unnecessary. For example, the entry into the wart of minor neutrals and major powers has gone through a lot of revisions and I ultimately decided on a a timeline with some simple variables. I am currently developing national variant bonuses (6 for each power) but am a long way from completing these. I am also considering changes benefits the defender gets from river/invasion/crossing arrow attacks but am just not satisfied with with what I’ve thought of so far (suggestions welcome). My wife wants me to add a rule so tanks could be carried by transports but then move in the armored breakthrough two spaces away. That’s a big change and I’m still mulling it.

    I hope you enjoy and appreciate any positive feedback you have to offer!


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    Looks promising. it will take time to digest however.

    If i like it i will make you a proper map using your data and you will have a nicer looking map.

    You playtested it?

  • While we have played this version a number of times (maybe about 10), I have a hard time telling if the game is well tested since it is just my wife and I playing, so we don’t think about what we don’t think about.

    I’d say the bias is towards a stalemate (no winner at end of 1945). It’s a bit hard to tell since usually one player resigns before then. THe game is definitely close enough that both sides have a good chance of winning (if not perfectly balanced).

    I realize I never mention the russian winter in the rules, only on the timeline. I suppose it is obvious enough.


  • In your setup chart, there are only setups for vichy and minor countries. Can you put up setups for the major powers?

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