• Neat idea, but I think it might make Russia a bit too tough. If you plop Zhukov down in Karelia, Germany is never gonna take it. And then of course, youve got that mound of men who have a decent attack. Yikes!

    Guten Nacht, Deutchland!

    Perhaps if the bonus were only applied in the first round of combat?


  • This is what I have come up with:

    Rommel allows all panzer and infantry divisions in the same province to travel +1 and two divisions gain +1 attack.
    Zhukov gains one free infantry division each turn in the province he is in.

    Montgomery’s troops gain +1 defense and two or less tank divisions gain +1 attack.

    Patton’s advantage is that three or less land units a battle gain +1 attack.

    Yamamoto’s fleet can move +1 and airplanes on carries in his fleet can go on kamikaze missions with +1 attack. (In a kamikaze mission, the plane can go its full range and is lost after attacking.)

    A general is dead if his unit is killed.

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