• Can someone please explain the logic of why you can bomb a territory for double the value of the territory. It makes no sense to me. The whole industry in that territory is represented by a value to keep things simple. Example Germany is worth 10 so if you do 10 damage then Germany is shutdown until you to pay for some or all the damage up to 10 but in AA50 if you do 20 damage then Germany has to pay for some or all the damage up to 20. Now if Germany is worth 10 and 10 damage will destroy the whole industry what does the other 10 damage destroy? Why is the overkill retained as extra damage? Say I build a house for $200,000 and a bomb levels it would cost me $200,000 to rebuild it but if I a bomb twice as powerful levels my house it should only cost me $200,000 to rebuild it. Why should it cost me $400,000? I don’t get this negative damage thing.

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    remember the SBR is bombing capacity to place units, and not IPC…

    lets say you are Germany and have just bunkered and just got the 10 IPC in Germany… UK bombed you for 15 IPC, but you still earn 10 IPC…  You can invest 7 IPC bringing the damage down to 8 and leaving you 3 IPC to place one unit ( infantry)

    IN my opinion the design was to continue to allow a player to build units, but at double the value that would be impossible as you spend 10 to bring it down to 10, but not have any left to buy a single piece.

    If they made it limited to the IPC value then in the same example Germany would have an easy time to continue buying pieces and thus extend the game. The design was to cripple the possibility of that stupid bunker thing where Germany is finished and Japan is marching tanks all the way to Poland ( from japan).

    So in AA50 when your defending your home and all sides are closing in you should not still have this ability to buy plastic bits and hold out longer

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    The first 10 IPCs represent damage to the actual production capacity, thus once you get to 10 you can’t produce anything.  The next 10 IPCs represents infrastructure needed to support production (roads, rail capacity, etc.) that you need to have working before any production can be done at all.

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    This is probably my favorite change to the A&A series and makes the most sense.

  • I was thinking along kreighund’s lines. If your capacity is ten would it not be safe to assume you might have completed units ready for delivery valued at ten IPC also getting blown up also. Using the house scenerio let’s say your $200,000 house is destroyed and your insurance replaces it and nothing else. Wouldn’t that leave you kind of longing for all the contents of your previous abode.

  • How is the logic as it applies to the real world at all relevant? Is it not simply a matter of game play balance? There are an endless number of unrealistic elements in all axis and allies games, so picking on one, and not another, seems entirely pointless to me.

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