What is the most USELESS unit/territory?

  • OK, just for fun (since we have had most powerful, and most important)… 
    You can vote for up to 3 choices…

  • 2007 AAR League

    I voted:  Greenland, WCan infantry (which virtually NEVER gets into the action, unless Japan attacks WCan) and sz26.

    Midway and Wake Island each have infantry, and in a KJF, I frequently grab the Midway infantry with a transport during NCM during a turn that I am building up my Pacific fleet.

    SFE is good for 1 IPC per turn.

    German WR units and the sz15 Destroyer are each units that must be destroyed, which isn’t always a given, as some of us have learned the hard way.

    Finally, I see nothing useless about the US bomber.  It can be used to help kill German fleet or, worst case scenario, strategically bomb Germany or Japan.  It does take a while for the US bomber to get into the regular action, but that’s mainly because it takes a while to get US troops into front line position.  But that’s not the bomber’s fault! 😛 😉

  • I’d vote for the AA gun in the Eastern US.

  • The most useless territory is Greenland

    The most useless unit is the NZ Infantry…when does it do anything other than sit on NZ all game long, or die under the withering bombardment of Japanese battleships?

    Maybe once in a great while the SZ40 transport will evac it (Instead of 2 Aussie Inf) to the South Atlantic and into Africa, but that is a rare occurence. Much more rare than, say, pulling the Inf off of Midway, or moving WCan inf into ECan to be picked up by Brit transports, or sending a Jap transport out to the valueless islands to grab Inf.


    I’d vote for the AA gun in the Eastern US.

    I almost would, but I’ve moved it to Algeria and gotten great use out of it, defending against a German retake with Med fleet and AF. Researching Rockets and moving it to UK is also an option.

  • Greenland: I have never landed there, ( too damned kolt!). 😮
    Midway: never attacked it, and l rarely ever evacuated it. :roll:
    SZ 26: don’t even know where the hell it is? 😐
    And if DF puts himself on this list, I will vote for him as well. Just because it would be funny  😛

  • @Crazy:

    SZ 26: don’t even know where the hell it is? 😐

    According to my Mapview version of Revised, this SZ is the south Atlantic, in the middle of South America or Africa (not South of Africa or South America)

  • I put Gibraltar.  The only reason you could possibly need to go there is to land air units.  But I don’t like the idea of landing air units without a security force to prevent high $$$ loss attacks.

    I didn’t put Greenland b/c as Germany I use it to land BMR’s before a E Canada invasion.


  • '19 Moderator


    And if DF puts himself on this list, I will vote for him as well. Just because it would be funny  😛


  • :lol:
    What the???
      Very well done, +1 karma to dF.

  • You know, I’ve used all of those except Midway.  Z26 is surprisingly handy for approaching Africa with a loaded Aussie transport depending on Axis bmr placement.  Greenland can be useful in nutty games where the UK gets sacked.

    Wake can be pivotal for KJF.  Gibraltar is the lynchpin of the Med in the first couple rounds.  SFE can be handy for stalling Japan or landing US troops in KJF.  Crazy Ivan must be loved and cherished by SOMEONE.

    But I have NEVER used the territory of Midway in any way, shape, or form.

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    I have to go with Greenland, mainly because I have never, ever, seen anyone use it and only seen it fall to the Axis when they were trying to demonstrate that the game was truly over.

    Midway is almost as useless, but since it has an American infantryman on it, it’s not as useless (to me.)  However, if I don’t ever recover that man, it is completely useless. hehe.

    As for the Infantry in W. Canada, I used to use him as an Alaskan defender (stops Japan from just landing one guy there which technically/literally frees up the American infantry already stationed in Alaska from doing that duty.)  But lately, I’ve been walking him to E. Canada and just holding off on moving that tank until later (especially if Germany sinks the transport in SZ 1) then I have a full transport worth of units in E. Canada ready to dump in Algeria or England.

    After all, as you said, he’s almost never used, so why not put him where he might be used later?

  • 2007 AAR League

    I forgot about Gibraltar – Switch should know the value of that particular territory. :roll: :lol:

  • @Gamer:

    I forgot about Gibraltar – Switch should know the value of that particular territory. :roll: :lol:


  • 😄
    Wow another vote for me, WooHoo!!!

  • 2007 AAR League

    Well first we have to eliminate the things that actually have a use. Anything that does damage or has a strategic value, however small, can be considered to have a use and therefore the sz15 DD, Gibraltar, US bomber, SFE, W Can inf, and German WR units must be removed from contention.

    Midway and Wake are eliminated because they both prevent an infantry from drowning and therefore carry the value of an infantry whether they are used or not.

    In the past I have used sz26 so it is out.

    Which leaves us with Greenland and Crazy Ivan.

    I have never used Greenland. Not even for a coaster. But, the question asks which unit/territory on the board is most useless. Now, in certain circumstances, Crazy Ivan can be used to represent a unit as a plastic chip but I would feel compelled to give him an atomic wedgie for standing on my board. HOWEVER, Crazy Ivan does have the capacity to bribe me not to vote for him. So, I will put Crazy Ivan to the side for now pending receipt of payment.

    In conclusion, the answer is most likely Greenland. The ball is in your court Crazy Ivan.

  • 2007 AAR League

    Oh my, I TOTALLY overlooked Crazy Ivan as an option. :roll:

    Mr. Poll taker, please rescind my vote for sz26 and replace it with a vote for Crazy Ivan – there is NOTHING more useless on (or over) an A&A board than Comrade Ivan. 😄

  • 😄
    2 more votes for me! thanks guys 😄

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